Wisdom Nugget While Connecting On Upwork

Upwork is an online marketplace that connects freelancers to companies or individual clients. With virtual profiles serving as résumé, professionals and freelancers can pick out projects and earn money while creating contacts in various sectors. All the information on the profile is self-confessed, honesty while detailing skill sets and level of expertise is necessary, failure to deliver leads to suspension or deactivation of account. Not only does Upwork connect freelancers to clients, but it also runs a blog where writers can discuss various topics.

With the busy schedules, a majority of us keep, it is important to manage time to accomplish as much as we can throughout the day. A to-do list might seem trivial, but if properly made and use it not only improves your time management, it can help you pay more attention to the task at hand. The Zeigernik Effect is a scientific name for when an incomplete task keeps dragging your attention away from the current task. With a to-do list, your mind has the freedom to forget such nagging tasks, and this allows you to focus on the present.

It might seem logical to create a to-do list in the morning, but that might be counterproductive. Make your to-do list the previous evening and tackle the most significant task in the morning, this has the byproduct of reading your mind for the rest of the day. Priorities tend to be at the top of a to-do list but are you getting your priorities right? Specifying the time for tasks is not just about what deadlines are looming.

The timing of tasks allows you set the most appropriate time for specific tasks; this allows planning on the how to accomplish said task. Batching tasks that complement each other saves times and it allows you to balance your energy levels to the tasks, it helps you avoid handling heavy projects with waning energies. Batching also allows you to create sub-tasks that keep your morale alive for the next batch of tasks. Sub-tasks allow you to work on the next part of your day while waiting for the conclusion of the previous one.