TMS Health Solutions Helps Battle Treatment-Resistant Depression

TMS Health Solutions employs a team of clinicians and staff members who are dedicated to the research and treatment of mental health conditions and those suffering from them. The organization’s staff is particularly dedicated to researching treatment-resistant depression and helping patients who are inflicted by it. The clinic supports patients in their efforts to find treatment for mood-swing related illnesses. Realizing the limitations of conventional treatment, the group’s team of practitioners points their efforts towards encouraging patients to seek relief using most advanced treatment options.


The facility provides the most up-to-date treatment solutions for these illnesses. TMS Health Solutions uses TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) technology to help battle illnesses that have been shown difficult to treat. They provide the use of the most advanced available therapies to treat mental health conditions while engaging in significant research work in treating and preventing these illnesses.



TMS Health Solutions engages in encouraging the patient to seek help, battling the difficulties that come with the symptoms that, to many impacted, have an isolating effect that prevents them from seeking support. Understanding the profound pain that comes with mental illness, the TMS Health Solutions team employed a patient-centered approach. They have a long history in practicing psychiatry and have proven effective in finding appropriate therapies that help patients relieve symptoms.



TMS therapy is a non-invasive approach that causes the patient minimal discomfort. It is an office-based procedure that takes between 30 and 60 minutes and takes place five days of the week. The treatment takes place over the course of six weeks, consisting of 30 sessions.


Moreover, TMS health solutions allows patients to use their insurance to cover the costs of treatment. But even if the patient’s insurance doesn’t cover the treatment, TMS Health Solutions is dedicated to finding ways for those inflicted by depression to receive help and afford the treatment.


TMS Health Solutions was founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes, an acclaimed mental health practitioner who received his medical degree from the San Diego University of California. Bermudes completed specialized training for practicing transcranial magnetic stimulation in 2010 and was elected as the president of the Clinical Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in 2015. Dr. Bermudes received his board certification from the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry.

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