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Adam Milstein and the Issue of Israelis Looking for Greener Pastures

There are a number of active voices when it comes to Jewish news and issues. Adam Milstein is one of the more prominent ones. He has first-hand experience with Jewish issues because he is a native-born Israeli. After having grown up in Israel, Adam Milstein has a pretty good idea of what it is like there, the types of problems that people face and the prospects for the future. Of course, Israel and the people that live there tightly tie into the world of Judaism. So, Israel and its people are very important, viable topics when it comes to Jewish issues.

Adam Milstein is proudly employed by Hager Pacific Properties. He works as a managing partner for the firm, which is a big step up from the sales position that he held when he first started many years ago.

One of the issues of utmost importance that Adam Milstein likes to discuss is brain drain in Israel. There are too many young, educated people leaving the country. Many young Israelis find Israel to be a place that is too expensive to live in. The place is so expensive that young Israelis whose families live paycheck to paycheck in Israel can live comfortable lives in the most expensive American cities. This is why they are coming to the United States.

The problem is that the young people who set out to permanently leave Israel and start families elsewhere are usually the types of people that make Israel a high quality, modern nation. The people who are the least productive in Israeli society, the Ultra-Orthodox, are the ones who are staying in the country and multiplying exponentially with every generation. These people are religious fundamentalists. Their schools place little importance on mathematics and the sciences and the people have higher tendency to put religion before secular ideas. They live off of welfare that they receive from the government. People should be able to live whatever lifestyles they want to live. However, if secular people who are educated are leaving the country in droves and Ultra-Orthodox people are staying and multiplying, this means that Israel may be descending into the state of being a third world country.