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OSI Group Improves Over A Hundred Years

OSI Group started out as a family meat market, and it has grown into one of the best suppliers of food in the world. They have shared a special bond with McDonald’s because the restaurant needed OSI Group to be their first supplier of products. They have followed the model that McDonald’s followed as they grew over time to be great.

  1. Supplying McDonald’s

OSI Group supplies many different people and companies with foods for their needs, and the company has been very good at delivering fresh to every client. They started out with McDonald’s where they were asked in a handshake deal to deliver as much fresh product as possible.

  1. Growing Beyond McDonald’s

OSI Group still works with McDonald’s, but they have become a global empire that now has many plants and suppliers around the world. They have worked out ways for their clients to get the best possible products, and they have expanded to places that other food suppliers do not go.

  1. The Family Touch

OSI was actually Otto and his sons when the butcher shop started. They grew beyond helping just McDonald’s, and they became a worldwide company with a family touch. The family touch of this company still exists today because they still offer the best service to their clients with that understanding that most small businesses are family companies. The drivers, corporate office, and staff are all extremely kind.

  1. Increased Productivity

Every company that works with OSI is much more productive because they have received the freshest products in a timely manner. Schools, businesses, and shops are all performing better because they have the food coming from OSI Group and one of their distribution centers.

  1. Conclusion

OSI has distribution centers around the world that are positioned to buy and produce locally. They deliver to the customer that is closest, and they arrive with fresh products that customers will be very happy with. They are hoping to give their customers a better experience, and they also believe that it is better to keep prices low for their loyal customers.