Roberto Santiago Is A Visionary And A True Story Of Success

Roberto Santiago is a trader, sportsman and consecrated businessman. He owns the Manaira Shopping mall which is one of the largest in Joao Pessoa. The complex was founded in 1989 and represents a strong investment in fun and leisure. The mall has eleven movie theatres and the cinematic projection technology is modern. There is a 3D room, a VIP room, an interactive stadium system and the armchairs are capable of standing. The mall additionally includes an electric amusement park called the Game Station, an entertainment grid and 200 gaming machines for all ages and tastes.


The Manaira Shopping mall also features Domus Hall. This is a large concert hall located on the roof. This space is updated, modern and capable of holding ten thousand people standing or four thousand seated. The second floor provides private cabins, lounge music and dressing rooms. The first floor is adaptable for a wide variety of events including fairs, weddings and presentations.


Roberto Santiago created a mall providing the purest form of culture and entertainment. The exhibitions are extremely diverse and arranged according to culture, knowledge and field. Children from a variety of schools are taken to the mall to see the exhibitions for knowledge and fun. The Manaira Shopping mall has received recognition as the State of Paraiba’s biggest commercial enterprise. The complex is filled with in excess of 300 stores. Many of these feature prominent brand name products.


Roberto Santiago did not stop with the success of the Manaira Shopping mall. The entrepreneur also owns the Mangabeira Shopping mall. This represents another successful venture. The inauguration took place in November of 2014. This mall has become the biggest commercial center anywhere in Joao Pessoa’s entire southern zone.


Roberto Santiago is so much more than just a businessman and an entrepreneur. He is also a very successful sportsman. He entered the Brazilian kart championship and was the only Brazilian who ever won. He has been honored several times with a trophy for first place in the state championships. Roberto Santiago has also collected several titles involving motocross competitions. In the 250 cc category he was the champion for the North Northeast. He was additionally the champion paraibano 125 cc and 250 vc.


Roberto Santiago is an extraordinary man with both aggregating vision and entrepreneurial talents. He pays attention to every opportunity. Many businessmen never even notice the opportunities present so they slip away unnoticed. He was not born with unlimited opportunities. He began his business career at the Cafe Santa Rosa. He became one of the greatest entrepreneurs in northeastern Brazil and eventually throughout Brazil with a combination of intelligence, experience, knowledge and determination. Roberto Santiago is the perfect example of a true success story.