Richard Dwayne Blair Helps Clients With All Their Financial Needs

Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial planner who founded his own company called Wealth Solutions in 1994. He finds it especially inspiring to help families, individuals, and small businesses manage their money successfully. He has an expert’s ability to help all of these groups craft custom plans for retirement and wealth management. His credentials are stellar and wide-ranging regarding all things financial.

Blair has codified his system of financial planning into what he calls the Three Pillars. This provides the foundation for successful money management and it entails long-term investing according to carefully constructed plans. This also takes into consideration the different chapters in life and how financial needs change.

A financial roadmap is imperative and this is the important First Pillar. As Blair builds a relationship with his clients during this phase, he gains a clear understanding of their goals. He also takes into account their tolerance for risk and helps them identify growth opportunities.

A long-term strategy for investing makes up the Second Pillar and this is no less important than the first. Richard Dwayne Blair helps them devise a plan that is well suited for their risk tolerance and needs for liquidity. He provides the active management skills of an expert and is able to navigate all market conditions. He is able to help maximize returns in uptrends and minimize risk during downtrends.

Blair closely monitors the accounts of his clients and this is the Third Pillar. Performance is regularly tracked according to several different metrics. Client expectations make up one yardstick of comparison as well as model portfolios and historical market data.

Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions have been faithfully serving clients in the Austin, Tx. locale and its surroundings. He founded the company when he was inspired to make a positive impact in the financial lives of local citizens and their businesses.

Another factor that has provided deep motivation for Blair has been the teachers in his family. He has observed them up close for years and their significant positive effect has inspired him. He considers himself to be a teacher of sound financial practices and his passion has helped many.