Ricardo Tosto Life and Career in the Legal Field

Ricardo Tosto has had a successful career as a lawyer in Brazil. He speaks both Portuguese and English, and he has a diverse customer base. He specializes in commercial litigation and credit restoration. Over the past few years, he has made numerous career moves to enhance his career.

Ricardo Tosto graduated from Mackenzie with a law degree. He also took business courses while at college. Graduating with experience in both business and law helped him quickly help his customers who needed financial advice. He was recently nominated for an award in his field. He was named one of the top 500 lawyers in commercial litigation in the entire world.

Writing a Book

Ricardo Tosto has written a lot of content related to legal advice. He co-authored a book talking about the legal and banking industries. Although the book is not an exciting read, it is often cited by young legal students.

Ricardo Tosto plans to continue writing for various websites and newspapers. He enjoys writing online content related to the legal field.


Ricardo Tosto specializes in specific areas of the legal profession. He enjoys helping clients improve their credit after a major financial disaster. In the last recession in Brazil, millions of people had to declare bankruptcy. He is one of the leading experts on bankruptcy law in Brazil. He is also great at helping customers improve their credit after a significant financial issue.

In the coming years, Ricardo Tosto plans to continue working in his legal practice. He has enough money to retire, but he feels like he is just getting started in his career. Anyone who wants to advance quickly within the legal profession should read about his life and career.