OSI Group Embraces Growth And Diversity

OSI Group has continued to grow throughout its existence. The company has been in business for over a hundred years and shows no sign of slowing down. OSI has embraced the idea of change in every aspect of the organization. It currently operates in 17 countries with 65 plants worldwide. OSI has a workforce that features tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. Leadership at OSI has been able to create a culture that allows it to recruit and cultivate talent that want to stay with the company.OSI Group is an example of the American dream in its own unique way. The original company was known as Otto and Sons. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, who was an immigrant from Germany.

Otto opened his doors for business in the early 1900’s and ran a local meat market with his family. Over the years he became a trusted supplier of product to local food businesses in the Chicago area. By the 1950’s Otto Kolschowsky’s son’s were running the organization. They got the opportunity to work with Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the leader of the McDonald’s Corporation and was looking to expand his restaurant chain into the Illinois area. He needed a product supplier that he could count on. Otto and Sons was recommended for the job. The McDonald’s Corporation exploded around the world during the 1950’s and 60’s. Otto and Sons experienced the same type of success.

Their innovative techniques and progressive vision lead them to become the exclusive supplier of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation. Eventually the organization started to do international business on its own.Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group and continued to spread its influence throughout the international food manufacturing community. OSI Group has managed to increase its stature within the industry by taking on a diverse business model. It has conducted mergers and acquisitions of other food manufacturing companies that specialize in unique areas of the business. OSI Group was ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world with a net worth of over six billion dollars.