Marc Sparks is the Epitome of Entrepreneurship

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is a 1975 high school graduate and beyond that has no formal training for what he does. Despite his lack of formal training he managed to create and sell millions of dollars worth of self made products. Mr. Sparks has also been responsible for a great many start-up companies.

Some of those start-ups have been unbelievably successful while others were not as successful. No matter the outcome of his efforts, he always learned something about business and himself. Learn more about Marc Spark:

Marc Sparks always approached everything he did with passion, focus, tenacity, faith, business and money making savvy and a sense of urgency. He works in the “let’s just do it now” mode that has been dubbed “Spark Speed.”

He also finds it important to treat others with respect, honesty and with even handed fairness. All of these qualities Sparks incorporate into his equation of success. He finds these qualities work for him and when asked about he manages to be so successful, these qualities and attributes are always at the top of his list.

Mr. Marc Sparks loves to win, but he realizes he will not always be the winner. He does not let fear of failure become a speed bump or pot hole on his road to success and he manages to find a way over and around those speed bumps and pot holes.

He has the ability to build a successful business from ideas that others consider too off beat to work. As he builds a successful business he also builds a company culture. He focuses on short term and long term goals and long range growth plans for his businesses.

Marc Sparks manages by example, as he sets the pattern for his team to follow. He maintains a very liberal open door policy and inspires his team to always have goals to achieve, both personally and professionally. Sparks believes his team will always deliver the very best for the company and customers and clients if they are always growing in their position in the company.

According to Goodreads, Marc Sparks wrote about his entrepreneurial, business and personal life. He left no stone un-turned as he wrote about the good, the bad and the ugly. He feels readers will learn more from his less than successful ventures than his successful ventures. He wants others to learn from his mistakes and capitalize on his good fortune.

He wants his book to serve as inspiration for those who may be walking the entrepreneurial path, but get sidetracked and lose hope. He wants his book to inspire everyone to never give up until they cross the goal line and achieve their dreams. His book demonstrates everyone can reach their goals by utilizing their passion, commitment and faith in themselves.