Fabletics: Taking Advantage of Marketing Trends

As technology offers more uses, consumers live increasingly digital lives. That includes shopping for necessities and pretty much anything else they want. These days, people can even grocery shop online and have their groceries delivered to them. This raises the question: how can they trust these companies to uphold their end of the deal.

The truth: they don’t. Research has shown that most people don’t trust traditional marketing and advertising. What they do trust are online reviews from their fellow consumers. As companies developed more online presence, people began researching them before making any kind of purchase decision.

Now, nearly 90 percent of people crowdsource their purchase decisions. It’s not only easier to find exactly what they need; it’s the most effective. Before, companies didn’t have to listen to their customers. In fact, some still don’t listen to their customers. Sadly, those are the companies that hold too much power over daily necessities, so there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them.

For most companies, a bad online reputation is the most destructive thing that could happen. One study showed that 60 percent of customers won’t use a business if it has a bad reputation. Online reviews force companies to be more transparent and customer focused.

These are not problems for companies like Fabletics. Fabletics launched in 2013 and has found success in numerous ways. It’s not all about profit for Fabletics, in particular, for co-founder Kate Hudson. She’s the passion and energy behind the brand while TechStyle Fashion Group, Fabletics’ parent company, is the profiting juggernaut.

Since online presence and reputation are so important, it’s wonderful to have someone like Kate Hudson be a part of the brand. Because of her passion and energy, Fabletics has more than 20 million social media followers.

As for the business end of the brand, she plays a regular role there as well. She’s not just the pretty face selling cheap products for a multimillion-dollar brand. She spends most of her time working with the design team to ensure that every woman can find something she’d love.

It’s not only important to have on-trend fashion for every woman; it’s also important to sell those lines at affordable prices. Particularly when it comes to plus-size women, activewear isn’t the most affordable thing.