Fabletics and the power of the crowd

Fabletics, an American subscription retailer, operating online was founded around July 2013 by Kate Hudson, Ressler, and A. Goldenberg and later launched officially in October 2013. It has then advanced into retailing men’s activewear, dresses, and even swimsuits.


Kate Hudsons sees retailing athleisure Fabletics a winning exercise and a where she manages to move from an “almost famous” condition to the current achievements in Fablectics retail. The launch of Fablectics was much celebrated with known celebs and superstars attending its launch. They argued that the clothes are cute and their stand to empower women regardless of their age, shape and sizes worth is celebrating.


Fabletics succeeded well because of their commitment to the quality of service they offer to customers. This made them see a great growth in retail as other businesses were getting out of retail. Fabletics offer free membership which is another reason of their great success. Members have been entitled an email every beginning of the month which summarizes the new looks and the members are given up to 5th of the month to make their decisions whether they will buy or skip. This is usually based on a survey done by members while doing registration where they give their work out and lifestyle preferences. Members who decide to skip the looks provided in the email are charged a small fee which is turned into store credit with no expiry.


Leveraging the Power of the Crowd is Fabletics’ success foundation. Reviews done by customers are today depending more on reviews from other customers and close friends

who have previously used product. The truth the customer arrives with at a store is mainly based on what crowd-sourced reviews have about the quality of the product and efficiency of the services offered by the vendor.


Trusting customer reviews is today a way of rapidly sourcing growth. If customers are doing positive reviews, there is an expected increase in acquisition of the products, improved loyalty, and guaranteed customer retention since they will always remember that good product they acquired from the company.

Recent studies have found most customers changed from trusting traditional marketing and advertising to trusting personal recommendations from people they know and reviews available in most online retailing companies in the reviews section. The feedback and opinions of the crowd have therefore taken the trust, safety, and power of business and customers. Leveraging this is, therefore, a proper way to remain outstanding.


It is important to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz which is simple. The quiz helps the stylists in Fabletics to analyze and know the workouts that best suit a person. Taking the quiz captures all the types of pieces a person loves wearing which is later used to select the outfit collections to be mailed to a member after a personalized match. The member’s needs are well catered for by the outfits mailed to them, and the only thing that remains is the decision to take or skip the recommended outfits. The quiz is therefore aimed at finding out the best Fabletics for the member.