Dr. David Samadi Talks about Mitt Romney’s Cancer Diagnosis

Mitt Romney is no stranger to the world stage. The former Republican nominee for president has been in the news for many years. Romney recently told the world that he’s undergone surgery for prostate cancer. He had a slow growing tumor that was quickly removed. Romney joins more than a hundred and fifty thousand men each year who will discover the same problem. Prostate cancers are common in older men. Roughly sixty percent of all cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in men who are sixty-five and older. Dr. David Samadi knows all about this form of cancer. As a urologist and cancer specialists, he is well qualified to explain what Romney’s diagnosis means to others.

Treatment Options

Dr. David Samadi points out to his readers that Romney has several options when it comes to treatment. Among these options are radiation or surgery. Each option has potential pluses and minuses that those with this diagnosis must think about. Every single person needs like Romney needs to think about which particular option is right for them and their type of cancer. Dr. David Samadi, like other doctors in his field, can offer men the kind of guidance they need to determine how best to proceed with treatment. Dr. David Samadi has studied this issue very carefully and looked closely at possible outcomes that may arise from different treatment options.

Surgery Recommendations

His careful studies of the field have led him to conclude that the best course of treatment for most men is that of surgery. Surgery has been proven to create better outcomes for most men. In many studies, men who have opted for surgery have demonstrated much better outcomes. Radiation, another option, apparently does not work as well. Those who opt for radiation have not lived as long as they who opt for surgery.

His Background

The doctor is the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital. Here, he heads of team of people who are devoted to the world of surgery and helping men with urology issues. During his term at this respected hospital, he has been instrumental in helping create advanced in the field. His work has helped demonstrate what potential options may work best for patients who have urological problems. With his help, patients like Mitt Romney can make the right choices when they have this type of cancer.

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