Digging Deeper Into the Highland Capital

Highland Capital is an institution under the leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada. Throughout its history, Highland Capital has been dealing with structured products, long/short equity, high yield credit, real estate, healthcare, emerging markets, as well as distressed and special situations. Established in 1990, Highland Capital has evolved to become a dominant force when it comes to matters regarding credit management. It has grown from a company that merely provided services in management and fixed income markets to an organization that deals with protective asset management.



Currently, Highland Capital Management has employed more than 180 individuals all of whom are evenly spread out across the globe. Since 1990, Highland Capital has been expanding and now covers areas like Singapore, Seoul, New York, Sao Paulo, and Dallas. For a long time, Highland Capital Management has found solace in serving banking facilities, foundations, governments, wealthy individuals, companies, pension plans, and endowments just to mention but a few. Highland Capital has been bold enough to use its discipline and experience to realize success. With the corporation having mastered the art of yielding steady returns, the institution has been able to thrive even during tough times. To extend its reach, Highland Capital Management works with affiliates like Highland Brasil NexPoint Capital, ACIS Capital Management, NexPoint Advisors, and NexPoint Residential Trust.



For more than a decade, Highland Capital has deeply invested in the affairs of its employees. To date, the organization brags in spending more than $10 million in charity courses across the globe. Highland Capital has been able to impact the community positively through drives meant to improve the living standards of its employees and their immediate neighbors. It is only a few days ago that the Highland Capital’s NexPoint fund raised $269 million in a rights offering for shares drive. Also, the organization engaged the community by organizing a festival marking the Mother’s Day celebrations at the Dallas Zoo.



Thus, Highland Capital Management has got what it takes to take the global economy to the next level. With the guidance of its most capable leaders, success lies within reach. All you have to do is engage the company’s services since Highland Capital guarantees you of positive outcomes.