Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a producer, talent manager, and the reason for the great success of Roc Nation. She is a major contributor to business deals and high pressure negotiations. Jay-z has kept her close to his business investments and ventures for a long time, and for good reason. Her and her husband Juan Perez are both part of an elite circle of music gurus and investors. Desiree is right at home during tough business deals and exhausting negotiations, which is a big part of her continuing success.

Desiree Perez is the COO of Roc Nation and has been for nearly ten years. She is one of the most influential persons in the music industry today and is known for putting together huge deals and being a fierce negotiator. She has helped big stars like beyonce and rihanna put together huge deals and explode their careers.  Related article on

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Desiree has helped jay-z go from rapper to business mogul, as she has been by his side for years. Considering the industries extreme difficulty of success, she is a mogul.  Check   Being a women, in a mostly man’s industry, is difficult enough and Desiree has proven that she belongs. Her recent negotiations between Samsung and Rihanna has paid off huge as she landed a monster deal and propelled rihanna into musically greatness. Desiree worked out a 25 million dollar deal that puts Samsung in the spotlight by sponsoring her albums and tours. Desiree was the fierce negotiator that made the deal, which is why the company she runs is able to sign big stars. She is the person you want on your side while hashing out a deal.  Related article to read on

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