Desiree Perez Helps Jay Z to make Roc Nation Shine

Many people might not be aware of who Desiree Perez is but she is the CEO of Jay Z’s Roc Nation company. Roc Nation is Jay Z’s entertainment company. This organization works with singers, songwriters, musicians, writers and athletes. Mrs. Perez has known Jay Z for many years and was hand-picked by this dynamic music mogul to run his organization. Check for additional article,

Desiree Perez knows the street and just as important, she understands business. This aggressive go-getter from New York knows has been helping Jay Z since Roc Nation opened its doors in 2008. She has also been a good friend of this successful rapper for well over 20 years. Perez is a very trusted associate of Jay Z. Related article on

This dynamic CEO of Roc Nation also works with various artists on the Company’s roster. She also has a connection to many of the top tier athletes in New York area. Mrs. Perez is a friend of MLB Star Alex Rodriguez and supposedly had helped him to fight the MLB and Yankees franchise over his PED suspension.

Many entertainment, sports and entertainment insiders within the New York area say that Desiree Perez has connections to many high-profile athletes. They also say she is a very smart and shrewd business woman who has the ability to run companies and to broker deals.

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Desiree is able to take a company to the next level through her experience and knowledge. Desiree Perez shines as a powerful business woman. She is helping Roc Nation to shine a little brighter as premiere entertainment organization with her leadership skills and guidance.  Check

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