Clay Hutson Shares Secrets in the Music Industry

All you Need to Know About Clay Hutson

The Idea of Starting His Own Firm

According to clay Hutson, the idea of founding his own live performance show came as a result of the financial market crash in 2008. His previous employer had been hit hard by the financial crisis. At first, it was risky for Clay Hutson to venture immediately into his firm. He stated that his belief in his skills and talent motivated him towards his goals.

Factors that have led to the success of his career

Clay Hutson sites hard work, dedication, and working for long hours. He has always been dedicated to provide a spectacular show to the musician and fans in conjunction with his crew. Before opting for any live performance show, Clay Hutson checks for the possible mistakes repeatedly that could have a negative impact on the show. He adds that a serious mistake could have a negative impact on his reputation which can harm the rest of his career. He meticulously plans for the event and organise his crew and event in the right manner.

Clay Hutson states that planning is very helpful since it helps him manage his crew and boosts efficiency and productivity. With the help of his crew, Clay Hutson develops a list if the serious tasks and equipment before travelling to a show.

The Interesting Trends in the Music Industry

Clay Hutson recommends the development of technology in music. As a major player in the industry, he needs to be updated with the latest trends. He states that he finds mobile lighting interesting in the music industry. Additionally, he recommends the creative ways in which artist present their performances to their fans.

Marketing Skills

Clay Hutson has vast marketing skills which makes him remain relevant in the market. According to him, quality customer service and dedication has led to new clients and loyalty from the existing ones. Once a client is happy with his production, they recommend other performers to Clay Hutson.

About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a renowned event organiser who provide services to musicians. He has numerous skills and expertise in stage management, sound engineering, and monitor engineering. His career has made him travel to some continents such as Asia, America, Australia, and Europe with some of the best performance such as Kid Rock, Pink, Lady Gaga, among others. Clay Hutson is among the few individuals who have led a successful career in the music industry. Learn more: