ClassDojo Revolutionizes the Learning System

Before social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and others, came to be, it was rather easy to look at a person in the eyes and pass judgment regarding character and intention. But now, these platforms have complicated ways in which, people used to communicate. Branded the source of every evil by others, it is factual that there are advantages associated with social media. One such advantage is in teaching as a profession. With it being an isolating profession, teachers find themselves isolated in offices with only their colleagues to talk to. For teachers, social media is here to promote healthy interaction. One such gadget that has supported this interaction is ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a communication application that every American K-8 school owns. Also fundamental to note, almost all teachers in these schools use it. A good example is of David, a man who uses this application to mobilize his community in helping to elevate the education standards in Nigeria. Coincidentally, Stacy was seeking experiences to enable her to make concepts incorporating kindness for fifth-grade students in Illinois.

Well, the two met online and along their interaction, shared their ideas and commitment to introduce students to useful concepts that will, later on, contribute to the emergence of a healthy society. The two teachers learned that they had some common traits that involved wanting to improve people’s lives.

Their interactions, of course, involved learning their cultures. They discussed the types of food Nigerians and Americans prefer. They also pointed out to the different languages American students use. Also, this communication helped their students to interact healthily.

Of course, the back story of this interaction is pegged on Mrs. Weber’s class from the moment her students started collecting useful school supplies to share with the students in Nigerian schools. Well, that is what ClassDojo has been able to do for its users.

ClassDojo is the way forward to building the world’s best and healthiest classroom community. The communication application is used to share reports among students, teachers, and parents. Also essential in tracking student performance, ClassDojo has been revolutionizing the American learning system.