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Writing the Best Wikipedia Articles and Getting Them Accepted

Wikipedia’s website features articles written by people of all kinds of backgrounds who have a knack for research and writing. Getting Wikipedia to accept articles submitted to them isn’t easy though. They have really high standards. Because they have become such a well known source of information, they choose what articles can be put on their site very carefully. They want to be sure that every article they offer is as accurate as possible. That is why anyone who wants their work featured on Wikipedia needs to follow some important guidelines.

Before beginning to hire wikipedia editors, do a search on your chosen topic on the site first. This is to make sure that no one else has written about the same topic. If you have your heart set on a topic already done, you can choose to edit the page written instead. If you find the author is missing facts or know some that you can include then go ahead, but site your sources. Everything written must be factual. If your topic isn’t taken then stop and think about it before you begin. Is it about a subject matter that many people would want to learn about? Do you have enough facts and materials about it? Is it interesting? Wikipedia does not allow articles that promote or advertise, so as long as it is informational, you can start writing after that.

When you have finished with your article and have sited all of your sources then be sure to review your work several times for grammar and punctuation. Wikipedia will reject any articles full of errors. If you need any help with your article then is a site that helps with proofreading, choosing topics, and they can even write your article for you. They have experienced writers that know what Wikipedia expects from good material.