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How EOS Took Over The Lip Balm Industry

Everyone has seen the cute and colorful little balls of lip balm at the checkout lanes. EOS lip balm seemed to pop up overnight and out of nowhere to become a top seller in the lip balm game, but how did they get there?

Originally, lip balm was something thought to be medicinal or clinical. A boring tube was all that was offered and few flavors existed. Just seven years ago, that all changed with EOS began to pop up in stores everywhere. The company deliberately didn’t build up much information about their product, instead focusing their small start up on creating and distributing the product.

The biggest selling point EOS had was their unique packaging. Most lip balm came in tubes, though a few were in small tubs but the overall reviews were poor because people didn’t feel like dipping fingers in to rub on lips over and over was unhygienic. Through research, EOS found mostly women used lip balms so they brainstormed to come up with a new packaging that would appeal to their target audience. Their orb idea hit all five senses. The soft round package felt nice in the hand, the colors caught attention, the smells were new and lovely, it had a wonderful taste, and made a satisfying clicking sound when the orb was closed.

They met with buyers for drug stores and spent time trying to find someone who would give them some shelf space. It wasn’t easy at first, but a female buyer at Walgreens loved the product and she gave them their first account. After the success there, the product quickly gained accounts with Walmart, eBay and Target.

EOS moved on to try to create a buzz for their product. They sent samples to beauty bloggers who tried and discussed the product on forums like YouTube, Facebook (, and Instagram. A few celebrities agreed to help get the word out and soon Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears featured the product in their videos, EOS became the headline sponsor for a Demi Lovato world tour, and Taylor Swift quickly became the Asian spokesperson for the product.

Finally, EOS also partnered with Keds to create shoes that matched lip balm tubes. They also created a limited holiday edition with designer Rachel Roy, and a Disney edition that sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

All the hard work paid off for EOS. They are now a leader in their field and are considered a household product. People often say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that is true, EOS is at the top of their game with companies like Blistex and Revo making orbs similar to their products. A more detailed and in depth history of EOS can be found here. For more info, visit