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The Brain behind the Success of Securus Company-Rick Smith.

Securus Technology has been in the limelight for years. This is due to its professionalism and innovation in the technology world. The law enforcement and public safety agencies in North America, over 1000000 inmates, 2600 correctional facilities depend on Securus Company for technological gadgets. No company or designer has been able to match the Securus Devices. The Firm has been frequent in providing the correctional services with technology to check the inmate’s security, monitor inmates, emergency response, communication and biometric analysis. The Securus Company has played a primary goal in improving the life of inmates.

What has Contribute to the Constant Growth of Securus Technology?

There many factors that contribute to the doing well of a company. One of the determinant factors is the CEO of a company. If the chief executive officer of a company is inadequate, un-informed and lack experience, the firm is likely to fail. Fortunately, the Securus Technology has a very able CEO. Rick Smith has taken the company to another level. It is his uniqueness, impressive track record, and good background that led to his appointment.In his career, Rick Smith has worked in numerous divisions in the chain of production. Rick Smith has worked in the Information Technology, finance, operations, telecommunications just to mention a few. This has given him the knowledge of what transpires in all the divisions.This is a very crucial factor because for a company to succeed, all the departments need to be doing exceptionally well.

Rick Smiths Academic Background

For a CEO to be competent, he/she needs to have a rich academic background. This is because it is through the education that one learns the fundamentals of running a business. Rick Smith has a very rich academic background. He is an MBA holder that he acquired from University of Rochester’s Simon School. He attended the same university and obtained an associate’s degree. Rick Smith is also an undergraduate with a degree of Bsc. in Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo. He further got masters in engineering at the State University of New York.

Rick Smiths Experience

The other factor that defines a good CEO is the experience. It is the CEOs experience that differentiates a firm from other companies.Rick Smith has worked in very many institutions before settling in Securus Company. He worked with Global Crossing North America Inc. where he had numerous roles.In 1998 he moved on to Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he began as their company’s chief financial officer. He was later made President and subsequently made the CEO. During his times in Eschelon, he achieved a revenue of $350 million from the initial $30 million. It is this experience and excellent reputation that led to him being hired in Securus as the CEO where he currently works.

Slyce Inc. to launch a new technology ‘Slyce link’ for retailers

Slyce Inc. released a press statement on November 25, through Marketwire announcing a done deal contract with a Fortune 500 global retailing client. The contract with the new client will ensure the replication of the revenue generated for the duration of the deal/agreement period. The new customer will benefit from Slyce’s visual search and digital voucher services.

The company talking to Marketwired press also announced the launching of a new image recognition solution for retailers, ‘cart abandonment’ problem; called ‘Slyce link’. The new link enables sellers to show images of similar products to their consumers. The link enables retailers to give their customers options of other products that are similar to the ones they are looking for. The link is highly sophisticated because it has a visual appeal. The consumers can see the product options, compare them and make a decision on what to buy’. Customers may show an interest in purchasing a product but because they do not have anything to compare it to, they abandon the purchase halfway through. Through this link, a consumer will have alternatives. They can decide which product they want after seeing the rest of the available products. The retailers will show their customers visually, other available substitute products. Through this link, retailers can help their customers make a shopping decision by showing them other available options they may be interested in. The links will immediately present themselves, and they can click on it to shop.

Other uses of this link could be:
• Displaying other goods that look like what you the consumer is looking for – As explained above, one can show other designs/types of the product the store has.
• Other products the customer may like – To showcase other products like dresses, shoes and bags that the client may be interested in.
• Shoes to match the desired dress/bag – A customer shopping for clothes may also want a shoe or a bag. Showing her shoes that match with the dress may benefit the seller since she may end up buying the shoes, dress or both.

Slyce Inc.’s primary goal is to ease and enable strong sales techniques and channels for online retailers. Consumers do not have to visit the store to see the products as retailers can take photos and post them online. Large retail brands like Neiman Marcus and Tilly’s make use of Slyce Inc. technologies.