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Understanding The Benefits Of The Shared Office Space


The coworking space is a growing trend in many major cities where the working life many people have switched away from the traditional office space. Instead, many workers who require office space are looking to work for themselves in roles that used to require a large amount of office space, which would traditionally require working from home or renting space in a traditional office. Coworking space may not be a new idea, but the Harvard Business Review reveals this growing trend for office workers is providing a new sense of identity and community among those who choose their own working hours, but wish to work around others and develop their own identity.

Workville offers for rent in New York to include a luxury version of both shared and individual work spaces that encourage free thinking and the exchange of ideas. Workville NYC has embraced the idea that a free flow of ideas can be encouraged by making their coworking spaces a luxurious option that includes a range of cafes, terraces and communal spaces for workers to mingle. At times when deadlines are getting tight more individual spaces are also available to make those working freelance or startups as happy as possible with their New York office space.

There are many reasons why the use of coworking spaces has become such an ongoing trend, including the need for a freelance or self employed worker to feel part of a wider community. In many ways, the use of a coworking space makes it simpler than ever to enjoy being in a busy, but non threatening office environment, which is created by the fact people working in different fields are working in the same shared space. Instead of fostering rivalry the use of a shared space can make it easier than ever to make friends and get ideas from people working in different industries.

Along with the need for community and a much more enjoyable working life the need for access to a shared office space is all important, which is why the majority of these buildings are created to be open 24 hours a day and seven days per week.


Handy: A Cleaning and Handyman Service Ahead of Its Time
Handy is a mobile home service based in New York, which was established by Umang Dua and Osin Hanrahan that allows one to order a handyman or a home cleaner from one’s mobile device, such as an iphone or an android device. The Handy brand on youtube was birthed in 2012 at Harvard Business School by both Dua and Hanrahan, where they both met one another as roommates for the very first time. They dabbled around with start-up ideas until one day they were both motivated by their messy room to start a cleaning and handyman service. Hanrahan and Dua began to recruit freelance cleaning personnel and a few engineers then started building up clientel. By the summer of 2012 the two businessmen were accepted into Highland Capital, where they would start to actually build their business. The company has been very successful, having achieved a booking rate of over a million dollars a week in only a two year time frame. The Handy brand has grown dramatically in a very short time span and raised over twelve million dollars. Most of the Handy brand’s revenue is generated from the company’s home cleaning services rather than its handyman services. The success of the brand thus far is due to being manage by Highland Capital Partners, and General Catalyst Partners. The company’s sales inflated sixty percent in only a three month time span. Handy offers its services to London as well as twenty five cities in the US and two cities in Canada. With the company’s success, it has been able to employ cleaning professionals offering a flexible schedule and an average pay rate of about eighteen dollars an hour. Handy makes sure to hire the best cleaning personnel making sure to screen each potential employee thoroughly. While only three percent of potential employees are hired, the Handy service offers a money back guarantee if one doesn’t find the work acceptable as well as covering the cost of any damaged goods that may have been damaged during the cleaning process. The Handy brand was built upon the fact that it offers reliable services from well experienced personnel as well as being known as a very reputable cleaning and handyman service that is trustworthy. The proof is in the pudding, the consumer is getting increasingly comfortable with the thought of ordering a professional home cleaner or handyman through a mobile service. The company, itself, has shown more than enough potential to grow beyond just a handyman and home cleaning services.