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The investigation, Analysis and Communication Solutions for Inmates from Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based prison technology company, founded in the year 1986, and works to provide communication solutions, and managing investigations through monitoring information between the inmates and outsiders to ensure safety to the public. The company serves over 1.2 million incarcerated people and works with over 3,450 agencies and correctional facilities in America. Our company has over 1000 employees from all around the United States.

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In the ever-evolving field of technology, we, therefore, have to keep up with new technology innovations, so as to pass on the advancements to correctional facilities. Recently, we endorsed the latest software from JLG Technologies, Investigator Pro 4.0. The software came with a number of new features such as the ability to track voice samples from both parties that are then used to identify the voice from any other call sources.

JLG Technologies, from its Chief Operating Officer Michael Kester, was confident of the new software saying it would go a long way in helping investigators curb criminal activities before they happen. He also stated that the toolkit, with its heightened sophistication in Biometric levels, will help uncover high-profile gang-related crimes, that happen across correctional facilities. The toolkits have also eased the otherwise tedious and in most cases confusing criminal gang-related networks, that operate via telephone with inmates, by offering the voice identification searchable feature. Our investigators will now be able to easily notice suspicious outside parties by tracking the other inmates that particular parties have communicated with.

The toolkit will also assist our investigators in identifying if the suspicious parties have ever been incarcerated before, or if any of the former inmates are still in contact with the current inmates. Our company maintains advanced monitoring solutions, that help in keeping track of current locations of inmates in the facility for public safety.


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I found the article published on Securus Technologie’s website to be very interesting. It showed how Securus Technologies had to investigate a fraudulent company. There are many companies that support correctional facilities with their telephonic services. Global Tel Link happens to be one of those companies. Global Tel Link has installed their telephones in correctional institutions throughout Louisiana. On June 7th of this year, it was published that Securus Technologies, a provider of criminal justice technology solutions, did an investigation on Global Tel Link.

Securus Technologies found that Global Tel Link committed infractions that have cost the citizens of Louisiana over $1,243,000. Global Tel Link has scammed many of the correctional facilities by adding seconds to the duration of every call, and they also installed phones that were programmed to charge calls a higher rate than was originally established with the facilities. Global Tel Link did these practices illegally and deliberately did so in order to overcharge their customers.

This is an interesting report, because it is nice to know that there are companies out there monitoring things that not everyone thinks about. Since there are many companies that get a profit by offering their telephonic services to different correctional institutions, it is very important that inmates and their loved ones know exactly what they are paying for. The amounts that were originally stipulated to these facilities should be respected, and the individuals that work in the facilities should be able to trust that they are dealing with companies that are honest and just. It is good to know that there are companies such as Securus Technologies that are around to help keep wayward companies in line.

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