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990Sells Makes Moving A Breeze

990Sells is a home sales and moving clearinghouse for American families. Selling a home, buying a home and moving is a stressful process, and 990 sells homes has created a process that is much simpler for every homeowner. This article explores how 990Sells makes life simple for every user, and homeowners can simplify their move using resources offered by 990Sells. There is no need to pay too much in commission or move without knowing all the facts first.

#1: 990Sells Keeps Commission Low

990Sells keeps commission as low as $990, and homeowners who have purchased a home in the past know that $990 is nothing compared to the exorbitant commissions charged by some agents. The commissions may rise slightly based on the services each customer uses, but a base rate of $990 is so low that anyone can afford to sell a house without losing money. The search engine allows users to find new listings, or a listing can be created with no upfront fee.

#2: Moving Resources

990Sells offers moving resources for customers who are unsure of how to pack up everything they own. There is a moving resource book offered by 990Sells, and homeowners can use these resources to make their moves as efficient as possible. Moving can cost far too much money when users do not have help, and 990Sells helps users save even more money while they are shopping.

#3: Who Is The Agent?

Users may search for agents in their area, and the site automatically sends an email to users with a profile of their agent. Users get to know their agent quickly, and users may change agents at any time. The search function also allows users to find homes in a certain area. The agent information for each home is listed, and home shoppers may speak directly to the agent for the home. The home shopping process is cut down to mere moments, and the commissions on the house are still incredibly low.

#4: 990Sells Advertises Everywhere

990Sells is a website dedicated to customer service, and every listing is sent to all the major online home shopping outlets. There is a long list of places where the property will be listed, and the site maintains the listing until the house is sold. Users need not search on every website for a house when 990Sells offers a listing for every house on all those sites at once.

The 990Sells philosophy is savings and information. Users will save incredible amounts of money on their homes, and the site offers more information than any other. Contact with the seller’s agent happens immediately, and sellers may list their homes for almost nothing. 990Sells speeds up the selling process for all parties involved.