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Ways To Help After Flooding With Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes, the secretary of health, has advised all of the residents of Xerém to drink out of bottled water following the flooding that occurred. According to the Extra article, Sergio Cortes has been passing out bottles of water for people to drink after the flood. He does not want anyone to have to drink contaminated water and he wants to prevent the spread of disease among the people of the area as much as possible. He has made sure that he has made bottled water available for all of the people of Xerém should they need to have it.

Another option that Sergio Cortes on Linked In has been passing out is hypochlorite. This is used to help clean water that has been contaminated by the problems that are in flood water. He has made sure that he is giving everyone bottles of hypochlorite. He has also been instruction people on how to use it to ensure that the water is clean and that it is able to be used. Residents are able to put it in their water, but they can also put it in their water tanks so that the water will be clean by the time they are ready to use it for bathing.

Flooding is detrimental not only because it can cause people to drown and lose their homes as well as their place of employment, it is also dangerous because it can severely contaminate the water supply of the location that it was in. Flooding is detrimental and the contaminated water supply can lead to disease. Nearly as many people die from diseases after the floods as people who die directly from the floods that have occurred. It can be hard for people who are in the areas to recognize that they are susceptible to damages from the flood waters.

It is important that towns begin rebuilding after a flood as soon as possible. It is a good idea to do this because the water will quickly become sanitized again. Building a new building will not make the water healthier to drink, but it will allow the people of the area to have what they need when they need it. It can also be a good idea because the sewage systems can be repaired if they suffered any damages. Getting started with clean up is one of the easiest ways that a town is able to rise up after a flood.