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Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a market leading technology and Communication crime services.The Company established a decade ago in Dallas, United States. The company works with correctional institutions and prisoners to handle comma citation and technology services outside the organization. The facilities include law enforcement, police unite, prison department, criminal and justices centers. Since its inception in the market, the technology firm has enhanced understanding enforcement and understanding of the law to prison management staff.

Their services have impacted 3.4 million people in on prison department, public safety, law enforcement facilities in the country. The crime prevention software offers tips on in responding to emergencies, federal crime awareness, and inmate self-services.

The Securus Technologies firm provides a communication software which helps in crime prevention and reporting. The company works closely with crime detectives to help them understand and track criminals within the prison facility. They help in monitoring calls perceived or intended to cause harm. For example calls for organizing criminal activities, the sale of drugs by prisoners or money laundering.

The staff understands rehabilitation plan for inmates includes communication with their loved ones, friends and family. Securus Technologies is facilitating the process by offering accessible technology and communication services to the individuals.

Also, the family offers a shoulder to the inmates to accept to serves the prison term to learn, justice for the victim and to rediscover himself or herself while serving the jail term.

Securus technology enables the law enforcement agencies, and prisons achieve their goals of rehabilitation and prevention of crime.

The company offers demonstrations to customers to understand how the software works and securing facilities. They also train the installation process and management of the Call Centre. The firm crime solving products and services are easy to use any institution vulnerable to criminal attack or prison and crime rehabilitation center.


Monitoring Gang Activities Using Securus Technologies

In the jail that I work as a corrections officer, we have the largest mix of gang members anywhere in the country. With so many different gangs in one location, we have to really put in a considerable effort to keep them separated and allow them their own space or things will get violent quickly. While we try to give the gang members a degree of respect in jail, many times we have to really tighten things down because they try to push the boundaries and it puts everyone in danger.


As dangerous as it can be to have to be outnumbered by gang members 4:1 in the confides of the jail, things get worse when you add drugs or weapons into the mix. As tight as we keep security, these inmates have developed a number of ways to get their hands on all the contraband they need to make life easier on the inside. We have to really step up our efforts at the visitor center so no one can pass things to the inmates. Most days we do a great job of keeping drugs and weapons out of the jail.


When my team was training to use the new LBS software of the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system, we had yet another resource that was going to yield a wealth of information and help us to tighten things down. The monitoring system is able to listen to all the calls at the same time while giving officers the ability to be elsewhere to conduct business.


What we discovered was top-ranking gang members in jail will use the phones at the exact same time every day and give coded messages to those soldiers on the outside. We can not pick up on key conversations that tip us off to certain activities that should not be going on in the jail.


Securus Has Been A Godsend For Our Family

Securus has been a Godsend for our family, and we want to be sure that the people in the family can keep in touch with each other. We have a few people in jail, and we use Securus to be sure that they can see us when we talk to them. We want them to know that they are still loved, and we want to show them that they can see us instead of just sitting on the phone and wondering if they can even see us. They will start to miss us because they do not have a way of seeing us, but that is why we use Securus.


They have gotten accreditation from the Better Business Bureau because their company offers really good customer service to every person who places calls with them. They have been very good to people like us because they have the app that we can use on all our mobile devices. That is why they are so good at what they, and they will teach us what we can do to get everyone on the phone. That helps us get the family around the phone and all talk to the ones that we love. We are scrambling every day to make sure that these people are loved, and that is why we use Securus.


The Securus name has been very good to us, and we want to be sure that we can get services that will make life easier for everyone. We want to gather around at least once a week and let our family know that we are all in this together, and I think that it has gotten a lot better because of the way that we can talk to family. It makes more sense to use Securus over other services.