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End Citizens United Is Dedicated To Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a political action committee. It has managed to raise over $2 million so far. All this has come from small donors. This group is right on track as it plans to rake in $25 million or more for this entire cycle.
The final aim of End Citizens United is to pass a constitutional amendment. This is aimed at reversing the decision of the Supreme Court regarding Citizens United which was passed in 2010. It led to the rise of super PACs. It also managed to unleash a tide of dark money flowing into politics.
End Citizens United has managed to gather 325,000 signs of people on its petition which demands that Congress has to pass this legislation. But they are not resting at this number. They intend to boost this number. In order to achieve this, End Citizens United has partnered with the “Ready for Hillary” campaign. It will be renting out its email list that comprises of more than 4 million people. This will be used for reaching out to all the potential liberal supporters this way.
This PAC has also announced that it will be endorsing a total of 11 Democratic candidates. These include two former Senates. These are namely, Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin besides Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado.
End Citizens United is not the only PAC that has focused on campaign finance reform. But their communications director, Carbo has clarified why this group is different. This is because they are looking at the political side of it all. The group is actually helping to get people elected. They are trying to get such people in power who wish to change and can change the existing law. This is why End Citizens United is backing those candidates who are favoring campaign finance reform. These are the persons who would be able to stand up against the Citizens United. They are also supporting those who are being attacked by the billionaire conservatives such as the Koch brothers and such other black-money groups.
There is no doubt that this is a high bar for any constitutional amendment. It will be an uphill battle. This is because of the fact that America has not passed any Constitutional amendment. This is as per the records since 1992.
Still, groups such as End Citizens United are doing several other good things. They keep the public aware of the decisions of the Supreme Court. Also, they are able to keep the due political pressure on the Supreme Court as well as on other political entities so that things do not get worse than they already are.
Besides, getting access to such a huge amount of money is definitely going to impact any House race.

George Soros Donates $25 Million To Hilary Clinton

After taking a step back from the world of political contributions George Soros has decided to donate $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other democrats running for office. While Soros has a long history of supporting various political causes throughout the years across the world he has relaxed his political contributions in recent years. With this donation he returns to his position as the most prominent contributor to Democratic candidates on Politico. According to associates of Soros he may contribute even more money before election day comes around. The political contributions coincide with George Soros making a return to trading.

The decision to return to politics is likely motivated by a mixture of his long term relationship with Clinton and his fear of her rival Donald Trump. Soros has publicly stated that he thinks the words of Donald Trump will actually do much of the work ISIS needs done by demonizing Islam. This isn’t the first time George Soros has fought for the causes of immigration reform or religious tolerance. As a victim of the Holocaust he is keenly aware of how hateful rhetoric can bring about tragedy on an international level.

George Soros has consistently stood as a financial contributor to political causes across the world. George Soros has helped his native country of Hungary peacefully transition into a free market democracy and played a major role in spreading the free market throughout eastern Europe. Over the course of 85 years George Soros has built himself a nearly $25 billion on He achieved this success through the amazing accuracy of his predictions and his own personal hedge fund. His hedge fund operates throughout the world and maintains profits even during some of the worst economic conditions imaginable. With the track record Soros currently has this political contribution gives Hillary Clinton something to smile about.

Is George Soros Backing A Republican?

George Soros on politifact, the famed pro-liberal billionaire was recently alleged to be bankrolling the campaign of one of the Republican contenders for that party’s U. S. presidential nomination. According to the fact-checking website, several pro-Ted Cruz (another Republican contender) television ads recently ran in Wisconsin saying that “Millionaires working side by side with George Soros are bankrolling his (Kasich’s) super PACS”.

While it is true, according to federally mandated campaign finance reports, that two of George Soros former employees have given a total of $650,000 to Kasich’s super-PAC New Day for America. The former chief investment officer for Soros Fund Management, Scott Bessent, has donated $200,000 to Kasich’s PAC, and $2,700 directly to the Ohio governor’s campaign. Bessent left Soros’s firm in 2015 on to form his own hedge fund, with $2 billion in backing from Soros. Another asset manager, Stanley Druckenmiller, contributed $ 450,000 to New Day for America last year. Both have also contributed heavily and routinely to the Republican National Committee (RNC), and other conservative PACs.

While some donors have played the strategy of backing one party’s candidates who would pose a lower threat to their preferred candidate, that does not appear to be happening in this case. Nowhere does George Soros’ name appear on any of the campaign funding documents. While some claim a conspiracy, Politifact has labeled the claims as false.

George Soros is widely known to support democrats and liberal causes. Forbes listed Soros as one of the 10 wealthiest individuals with a net worth in excess of $23 billion. Much of that was gained from shorting the stock of the Bank of England.

Soros is originally from Hungary. He moved to London where he obtained his education from the London School of Economics. Starting out, Soros found getting a position in the investment banking field on Forbes difficult and actually started his career as a dry-goods salesman calling on shops in the Welsh seaside. He wrote to a number of investment banks asking for interviews. During some of the few chances he was given to apply for positions, he was humiliated, a lesson he never forgot.

Today, Soros is very active in charitable causes, but his primary focus is in the political arena. He has worked hard for advancing immigrant issues across the world, ending apartheid in South Africa, promoting the democratization of many African and Eastern European countries, and has been a supporter of marijuana legalization.

Soros has historically backed democratic nominees for the U. S. Presidency. He is a vocal critic of George W. Bush and donated large sums to groups opposing his reelection. In the current election, Soros seems to be favoring Hillary Clinton and has donated to both her campaign and various PAC’s supporting her nomination.