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George Soros Continues His Philanthropy Despite Conspiracy Theories Surrounding His Generosity

George Soros recently transferred $18 billion of his own money to his charity organization Open Society Foundations, which has made the charity the second-greatest in the U.S.A. Open Society Foundations was created over 30 years ago, and the organization has done plenty to protect the rights of the downtrodden and those who lack fair representation. Mr. Soros has always been straight-forward about his point of view, and his philanthropy focuses on causes that he deems worthy. Since Donald Trump has been elected, his philanthropy has increased, because he feels it necessary to protect the rights of people who are already beginning to have them taken away.

George Soros lived through a Nazi-occupied Hungary when he was younger, and eventually he left and landed in the United States. He slowly made a fortune in the U.S., and as he made more money, he funded more and more organizations that promoted human rights and democracy. It is said that Open Society Foundations is now having more impact on the world than any other foundation in the last 20 years. Mr. Soros works closely with the foundation and communicates with its president all of the time. He has been under attack by those who oppose some of the causes he funds for years, but he doesn’t waver or back down, at all, due to anything that anyone has to say about him. Is is said that the fact that he is so open about his views and whom he chooses to fund will, both, be a cause for happiness among many people as well as a reason for his enemies to continue to trample on his good name for years to come.

George Soros has long been the target of right-wing conspiracy theorists who believe he is funding everything from Antifa to women who have accused Roy Moore of sexual assault. While he did bankroll some efforts to prevent the reelection of George W. Bush, it is not this or any of his political funding that is the target of conspiracies. Instead, his philanthropy and generosity have come under fire, including his $18 billion gift to the Open Society Foundations charity. The truth is, if you look back at history, philanthropy has always been under fire; especially from authoritarian governments who look to undermine and control the public’s opinion.

Over the last 30 years, Open Society Foundations, Goerge Soros’s charity, has donated more than $14 billion for a spread of causes including the spread of democracy, basic human rights, and social justice. In the beginning, it was left wingers who put together the conspiracies about George Soros’s philanthropy, because they were against globalization, but now it is mainly the political right that target him. Part of the rhetoric has also become anti-Semitic, because George Soros is Jewish. The attacks on Mr. Soros have become increasingly worst since Donald Trump became the president of the United States, and Soros has responded by funding efforts to promote gay marriage and other issues that he sees as extremely important.