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Talkspace – A Therapeutic App That Allows You To Text Mental Health Professionals

The internet, and connected devices, have completely changed the dynamics of day to day life in the past couple of decades. Now that we are connected more than ever it would seem as if we would be happier in general however, that is not always the case. The ability to be connected with the whole world can actually amplify feelings of being disconnected, whether due to lack of attention on social media, or otherwise, internal issues can surface in the absence of good old fashioned face-to-face conversations with friends and loved ones. These factors, and many more, have lead to the rise of apps like Talkspace.

Talkspace is an app accessible by IOS, Android, and Windows phones that allows individuals to connect with mental health specialists with the tap of a few buttons. Currently talk space has over half a million users doing just that, connecting with over 1,000 mental health professionals. Plans begin at under $35 a week, for a certain amount of check-ins per day, and range up to just under $50 for additional check-ins and live sessions as well. Competitor apps can average anywhere from $150-$300 a month for various similar services.

Recently Talkspace made a deal with the massive medical company Magellan Health. So, if your health care provider is run by Magellan you will soon have the option to communicate with their therapists via the Talkspace app. Whether or not there is much of a difference in results between face-to-face therapy and online therapy has yet to be seen however, people seem to be more willing, even comfortable, to try therapy via app.