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The Inspiration for Developing Visual Search Technology


Retail is something that needs to make a lot of sales in order for it to survive. However, the success of retail depends on the satisfaction of both the provider’s side and the customer’s side. In order for the customer to be satisfied enough to buy a product, he has to be able to find the product that he is looking for. Customers are often particular about a product. However, some products require a particular term in order for the customer to be able to find the item on the internet. It is very hard to find the search terms for a lot of customers. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

This alternative is visual search. Visual search is an invention that helps people find the items that they are looking for. Instead of having to type in the products, they are able to take images of the items that they are interested in and find it online. This makes it easier for the person to know where to go if they decide that they want the item. Also, they know how much they would have to pay in order to buy the item. This makes it a much more convenient deal for the user.

For those that are looking for a visual search platform to use, Slyce is one product that is very helpful. With Slyce, the user can take a picture from any source and the app will present the user with information that will help him decide whether or not to get the item. He will also find other variations of the product. Among the variations are different colors, sizes, and others. Visual search is quickly proving to be one of the most helpful mediums for users and retailers. It is a lot easier for people to do run their errands and get whatever they need with visual search.