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Celebrity Publicist’s Top 4 Online Reputation Management Strategies

Powerful and highly famous political leaders, music stars, and business tycoons know that their careers and fame depend on keeping their reputations clean. The social media has affected the way people live, and high reputations can be ruined within minutes of negative publicity. That’s why celebrities have to employ experts in online reputation management to manage their names online.

One such expert is Jonathan Hay, who has managed several celebrities like artist Rihanna for her first single album “Pon de Replay. This job puts him at the center of attention where his own competitors and the client’s competitors try to bring him down.

The following are the four important online reputation management strategies as shared by the experienced celebrity publicist Jonathan Hay:

  1. Be Bold with your statements

Provided you’re i a competitive business enterprise, boldness is the way to keep away scammers and online attackers. It doesn’t pay to be a chicken, and successful artists have remained relevant even through scandals and endless allegations from the internet.

For Hay, being bold means coming clean on every controversial publicity, and getting media attention for his clients. He for example admitted creating the Jay-Z and Rihanna rumor in 2005 that gained press publicity for Rihanna’s single release “Pon de Replay.”

  1. Actively look out for brand/identity attacks

You should monitor your brand for early detection of any attacks and thwart them from the initial stages. It’s much easier to end online reputation crisis when they begin than a full-blown crisis. You may opt to set up an automatic brand or identity monitor on Google or any other browser to alert you of any mention of your brand.

  1. Identify the source of your attacks

Begin by identifying the sources of the offending online attacks and cut off the crisis from its roots. The best approach would be to settle issues with them amicably or file a lawsuit.

  1. Plan a defense strategy

You want to quickly formulate a plan to salvage your brand’s reputation before the damage affects your profit levels. That may involve educating your marketing teams and strategizing on how to recover and repair your identity. According to Jacob Hagberg, the founder of Orange Fox, you can organize a new event for your business to shine the spotlight on and shield the media attention from the issue.