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Distributed Canvassing: Clearing the Turf in Political Zones

NGP VAN has developed a new tool to help Campaigners become more efficient with their overall workflow, and reduce the number of steps that have traditionally been involved in the Campaign process. Instead of the standard top down approach where volunteers would have to seek out a campaign manager, receive mapping from said manager, and then acquire a list of voters, the manager can use Distributed Canvassing, which enables the Organizer to set up a “universe” and indicate the amount of houses a volunteer would be listed to go to, which is then systematized by the app, the organizer then would give out a list number, and an individualized turf is generated for the anyone who volunteers depending on geographic location. Distributed Canvassing came from an app developed by NGP VAN called Knock10, which in collaboration with the DNC was developed to make entry into the political process easier for potential volunteers getting involved and getting in touch with voters. The amount of time saved due to Distributed Canvassing is one of the biggest benefits those engaged in the political process can take from this program, with individual campaign teams using the program in creative ways to create zones for volunteers, ranging from micro-level to even statewide “universes” NGP VAN in addition to this Distributed Canvassing service, has also created MiniVAN, in order to streamline data entry for potential Campaigners. NGP VAN works to create political progressive software that streamlines the political process for grassroots organizations like LGBTQ groups, and their Distributed Canvassing program itself is currently in a beta form. Cutting out overhead and easing the point of entry for campaigners (in terms of both time and money) NGP VAN is working to make the political process run on a more even playing field when it comes to allocating campaign data, especially for organizers who are tight on resources in their area.

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