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A NewsWatch TV Review Helps Tech Company Achieve Beyond Their Goal

Avanca is an international tech accessories company that produces innovative products. They needed to heavily promote their brand new product, Ockel Sirius B pocket PC, on its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Avanca only had a deadline of 30 days to reach their goal of $10,000 and if they didn’t, the money would go back to the donors. Avanca hired NewsWatch TV to produce a one minute video review if their new product for promotional use. NewsWatch TV’s aired the segment and it reached over 200 U.S. Markets as well as 96 million U.S. households nationwide. The promo review allowed the tech company to achieve beyond their initial campaign goal and ended up raising $456,551 in just 30 days.

NewsWatch TV has provided millions of American viewers with breaking consumer news, technology reviews, entertainment and more for over 25 years. Based in the Washington, DC, area, NewsWatch TV is a multi-award winning series that began airing in 1990 and can be found on both Ion Television and AMC Network. The 30-minute program is hosted by the talented Andrew Tropeano alongside his co-host Michelle Ison and features tech savvy special reports from Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest. NewsWatch TV has aired over 1,262 original episodes since its launch.

NewsWathc TV have introduced brand new mobile apps and consumer technology before they’ve hit the mainstream markets. NewsWatch TV also air segments that showcased top travel destinations, exclusive celebrity interviews, breaking medical news, consumer electronic reviews, app reviews and more. Some of the celebrity that appeared on the show include Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore and many others. NewsWatch is owned by Bridge Communications and is viewed by nearly every market in the United States and reaches to an average of more than 90 million households across the nation.

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