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Norka Luque’s Amazing Musical Journey

Norka Luque is among the few female musicians who have cemented themselves as talented and humble icons with no controversies in their careers. She uses her golden voice to inspire the hopeless in the society. Her song lyrics are carefully composed to include words that have a moral impact on listeners.

Born in a middle-income family in Venezuela, Norka was always a sweet dreamer who made her parents admire her intentions. As a result, they gave her an unconditional support to exploit her love for music. They enrolled her in ivy-league musical training schools in her country. While making music, Norka also decided to pursue her normal academic ambitions. She became a Business Administration student in France and got a degree. She also explored other options including Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion.

While in France, she did not stop her musical ambitions. She became part of a band that performed in events within the university and the neighboring community. It was this time that she received a special call from Emillio Estefa Jr, a renowned Venezuelan producer. This opened doors for her long-time dream to become a great musician. Norka Luque could not hide her joy of becoming part of Emilio’s record label.

While under Emilio, Norka produced many songs that became big hits in Venezuela and neighboring countries. She worked with a team of composers known as Luigi Giraldo who played an integral role towards the release of her song “Miracle”. The song was a huge success and topped the charts for 14 weeks in a row. Since then, her name has always been a respected one in Venezuelan music industry. She has performed with several high-profile artists including Grupo Treo, Santaye and Jossie Cardoba. She has also featured in Billboards events in her home country.

Norka musical career is far from over. She currently has her own label known as Norka Music. She uses the label to sign new artists and nurture them to become talented and skilled individuals. She also uses the label to promote her songs and bring a positive message to her fans. She is promoting her new song “Milargo” in Venezuela and US. According to her, the song is an embodiment of hope to people who are burdened by personal and family issues. Norka Luque’s destiny is music, the cornerstone of her happiness and purpose in life. She lives in Miami, Florida where she enhances her musical career.