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The Influential Desiree Perez

The global entertainment and music industry is vast and powerful. In 2016 for the sector were approximated at $17.2 billion, which’s over a third of the revenues of the industry in the sector all over the world. The industry is competitive if you are a slacker you’ll never succeed. Males mainly occupy the industry’s leadership roles, but women who are hard driving like the producer Desiree Perez, talent manager, and entrepreneur have proven that they are worthy of having a seat at the table. The industry’s face is evolving, but not as fast as Perez, and her peers want.

According to insiders, Perez is the secret weapon of Jay-Z (the founder of Roc Nation, LLC), in making business decisions that are critical and entering high-pressure, high-level negotiations. Perez exudes an attitude that’s no-nonsense, charisma, and confidence when jumping on opportunities in business that was going to add to the corporate profitability. That’s the reason why Jay-Z kept her close as his trusted business associate for all these years.  Hit on for an update on her recent timeline activities.

Desiree Perez is the chief operating officer (CEO) at the Roc Nation. She has been a close associate to Jay-Z for almost two decades. She played a leading role in supporting Jay-Z from a rapper to a business tycoon. She has had a series of successes that netted significant returns for her clients. She’s given credit for the negotiation of a $25 million Samsung collaboration for promoting the Anti tour of Rihanna.  Related article to read on

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The deal enhanced the standing of Rihanna as an entertainment superstar, and a bankable A-list performer. Powerful women always congregate together. Perez has become firmly established to be an influential presence in the inner circle of Rihanna.  Check   In the year 2008, the Roc Nation entered into a deal of $150 million with Live Nation, and Perez was involved in the transactions.

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