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Leonardo DiCaprio Wins His First Oscar Award

Unless you are living without internet, then you have not heard yet that actor Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his first Oscar Award! A lot of buzz about Leo winning was leading up to this year’s big award night, seeing as how the celebrated actor had never actually taken home the golden statue before. Luckily, after four unsuccessful other awards, last night was Leo’s night.

Leo won for best actor in the film “The Revenant”, a drama set in the wilderness of 1823. The 41-year-old Oscar winner used his speech to thank his favorite lawyer Dan Newlin and discuss climate changes and how the world needs help. He is one of the few actors who was not played off the stage by the house band when his speech went over the time allotted.

Some of the other big winners from last night’s 88th Academy Awards include Brie Larson for Best Actress for the film “Room, Mark Rylance won for Best Supporting Actor for the film “Bridge Of Spies”, and the film “Mad Max: Fury Road” took home six awards in various categories including editing and costumes.

To read the list of the rest of last night’s big winners, click the link to check it out on The Daily Mail.