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FreedomPop: Free Internet That’s Actually Free

Free mobile internet sounds like the kind of rumor that gets passed around middle schools: “If you have just the right kind of phone and hit the buttons in just the right order, you’ll totally get free internet! Trust me, my uncle works at Verizon.” It sounds too good to be true, but just this one time it isn’t. FreedomPop mobile is the real deal.


What is FreedomPop? FreedomPop is a mobile service provider with a range of options ranging from inexpensive to literally free. Their flagship offering is the completely free cell phone service. Signing up for this plan sets you up with 500MB of 4G data, 200 voice minutes and unlimited (data-based) texting. Obviously 500MB of data is a little light for some smartphone owners, but those of us who aren’t streaming movies or music should find it to be more than enough. Considering this service is literally, actually free for the first year ($10.99/mo after), it’s hard to even imagine a better value. Users can purchase additional data at 2 cents per additional MB, or you can earn free data by referring your friends, completing offers, downloading software and filling out surveys.


If the free options aren’t enough for you, FreedomPop has some other offerings you might be interested in. Their $5 per month Wi-Fi Calling plan allows you to handle calls and texts from any wi-fi hotspot; it’s great if you spend a lot of time at home, but not ideal for hikers or back-road explorers. For $20 per month, you can access unlimited talk and text with 1GB of 4G data. 1GB is still pretty small, but if you go over you aren’t charged; your speed simply throttles back to 3G.


FreedomPop also offers a mobile wi-fi hotspot (MiFi) device. A refundable deposit for the device gets you 500MB of data free each month, with additional data available through the same means as the free phone plan. Paid plans also exist that can give you up to 2GB of high-speed data.


FreedomPop does sell new or refurbished devices. Some will be unique FreedomPop designs, while others may be normal name-brand phones. You can also use your current device, so long as it’s compatible with Sprint’s network. FreedomPop’s customer service can be reached through the website or a phone call; either way, assistance is available 24/7.


This truly free service is unique among mobile providers. As long as you’re careful with your data usage, it’s completely possible for you to live out the modern internet-connected lifestyle absolutely free!


FreedomPop Rings

Recently, it was announced that the low-priced cellphone company, FreedomPop has garnered an increase in funding of fifty million. Originally reported by the site, Recode, this news is notably impressive as the service intends on marketing a global hotspot. The company has an ambitious platform and is looking to offer close to local rates per data as opposed to excessively large roaming fees, a practice implemented largely by the traditional, large scale providers such as Verizon or AT&T who out price clients who travel abroad and need to use their mobiles.

FreedomPop is looking to have a boom in clientele growth as the service is planning to spread to a diversity of new countries in coming months. The hotspot sold by FreedomPop will be functional across various regions and places for the price of forty-nine dollars. SIM cards for phones that are unlocked will be priced at ten dollars a pop, while clients will receive two-hundred megabytes of free data, monthly. Ten dollars will get you extra data costing customers ten dollars per five-hundred megabytes.

Up until this point, the success of FreedomPop has grown through word of mouth since it doesn’t have the money for massive advertisements, however the additional money FreedomPop has earned is sure to expand upon, and improve any and all issues they haven’t previously been able to attend to. Right now, the worldwide company is ready to provide expanded service in France, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Portugal. Next year, FreedomPop is hoping to be in Asia and South America as well. More information can be found at the following link per Recode: where inquiring minds can do further research.

The Second Generation Moto E Is Added To FreedomPop’s Services

Freedom Pop has already broken new ground as the first provider of free talk, text and data services in the U.S., according to Android Authority. The popularity of the service has been increased as the initial talk, text and data plan offered has become well publicized across the country; FreedomPop allows its users 200 talk minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data at no cost each month. Any user in need of extra talk, text or data can look to add a paid plan each month without the need to sign a long term contract with FreedomPop. In fact, a FreedomPop user can cancel their plan at any time without penalty.

The growth of FreedomPop has seen the company look to increase its offerings on googleplay with the addition of entry level Smartphones provided for sale by the wireless communications company. The first phone to be offered for sale has been revealed as the Motorola Moto E that offers a 4.3 inch display and certified pre-owned quality. Added to the five megapixel camera is a 30 day money back guarantee that provides security for all users to enjoy with their one month free trial of a premium FreedomPop plan.

The low cost of the services offered by FreedomPop are matched by the special pricing offered on the second generation Moto E Smartphone. The Moto E is on sale for just $49.99 through FreedomPop and their partnered retailers and is a low price when compared to the $249.98 suggested retail price for a certified pre-owned Moto E. FreedomPop is offering the cell phone as the latest step in its growth that should include more than one million customers being served by the end of the 2015.