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Today we will be discussing how to find the best foundation of your face. This is not as difficult as it might seem. Thankfully, we are provided with some great tips from the famous Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics.

Doe Deere has been in the business a long time. She knows what to look for. She is also familiar with the most common mistakes girls make with their makeup, and by extension their foundation.

Here Deere’s general guidelines for finding the perfect foundation:
1) Go to a place where you can find many products to try on. The idea is not to judge the bottle by it’s appearance. Never judge a book by it’s cover. You will need to test the product. This is one mistake that many girls make. They let the appearance of the bottle do the thinking for them.

2) Your hand is not always the best place to try on the foundation. Your hand is going to have different color pigments from your face. If it goes on your face, try it on your face. That is what it’s there for.

3) Allow the colors to settle in to your skin. Ideally, you should wait about 30 minutes. This gives the darker shades of your skin a chance to absorb it all. Ideally, the color should settle in to your skin, becoming invisible. If this doesn’t happen, then this is not the right color for you. You might need to try a few shades. Never settle on the first shade you try. You want to go more towards the yellowish colors anyway. Try out a few. See what happens.

4) The best results are achieved in natural light. Never go by the store lights. Most of them are out-dated. They will give you the wrong impression. Go outside. Going outside will make it all look better. If you have the right foundation, the rest will take care of itself.

5) You also need to look at your skin type. As Doe puts it, “your skin type will present a base for all your choices.” If you have skin that is prone to acne, you are going to better off with oil-free.

What if you have dry skin? This is wasy. You will be better off with a hydrating foundation. If you have any questions about this personally, you can always get in touch with Doe on her Twitter account.

6) Have one foundation for the summer. Have one for the fall and winter. This will give you a good balance between light and dark. You will want the lighter tones for the spring and the heavier/darker tones for the winter.


What you need to do is talk to a professional, like Doe. When all else fails, she is there. Any question you might have, she is there. Go to her social pages like Twitter and Pinterest and get to know her life and her passion. This is one relationship worth investing in.