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Why Lime Crime is a must have for makeup lovers.

Stylish nails are not a thing that can be easily achieved however with Lime Crime the makeup line on tumblr, the look can be easily mastered. The appearance of marble nails or jewel crusted nails can be obtained with the help of Lime Crime.

Nails are important to showcase for woman and should be matched in beauty to the jewelry on the hands of women. The jewelry is sparkling and therefore why shouldn’t the hands of the women wearing the beautiful jewelry. With nail polish choices by Lime Crime, any look is made possible and more women are realizing what they have been missing out on once they try the nail polish line for the first time.

Eyeliners and eye shadow are going to make your eyes pop no matter what color choice you make when doing your makeup each and every morning before school or work. The eye liners can be paired identically to the eye shadow or can be a bold choice made intentionally to not match your eye shadow. The grunge eye shadow line can be worn to any function and is not made to be specifically worn by any specific type of person.

The Zodiac glitter is one way to add and embellish the eyes or really any area. The glitter is beautiful and marks the onset of makeup choices that will allow you to broadcast your individuality without sacrificing taste.

The makeup can be worn to almost any function no matter if it is a wedding, baby shower or simply to school for the day. If you know someone who loves makeup but is put off by the traditional colors, the color choices by Lime Crime is one choice that will have your loved ones or friends speechless.

The makeup line leaves people speechless not only because of the colors that are made or exhibited by Lime Crime but also because the makeup is not tested on animals and is certified as being cruelty free. More makeup lines are offering cruelty free makeup choices however not all makeup lines will carry the color palette that you will find with Lime Crime.

The Lime Crime company was established by a fellow makeup lover who decided that because she was unable to match a color palette of her liking to any other makeup line, she instead would make her own palette colors to match her individuality as well as others who would enjoy and crave the color options available to the public from Lime Crime.

The color palette is not meant to be worn by those who like the traditional color choices as they may find that this color palette is too bold for their taste or liking. The colors instead should be worn by those individuals who crave bold and eccentric color choices. The colors that are readily available to consumers can be purchased do holidays, birthdays and any other special event where a present is a must have. The present would be the talk of the party once people realize the colors of the lip sticks, eyeliners, mascara and even nail polish.