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Karl Heideck is a Litigation Genius

Karl Heideck is a Litigation Genius Litigation is a process of solving disputes between two opposing parties through proceedings initiated to defend a legal right. Litigation can be heard and decided by a court. The opposing parties can also choose to resolve their disputes out of court. It also involves activities conducted after, before, or during a lawsuit to enforce a legal right.

Activities such as arbitrations, pre-suit negotiations, appeals, and actual trial are considered part of a litigation process. A litigator, popularly known as a trial lawyer, is a person who moves a case through court proceedings by representing one side of a dispute. A trial lawyer is involved in every aspect of a case, from the initial meeting with a client to the trial of a case. Litigators are tasked to determine what law is relevant to the case, investigate facts, liaise with the opposing counsel to obtain information, and negotiate on behalf of their client.

Karl Heideck’s Educational Background and Career

Karl Heideck’s Educational Background and CareerKarl Heideck is a lawyer from Philadelphia specializing in risk management, litigation, and compliance. Heideck is also skilled in the corporate law, legal research, and writing. He studied Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Literature at Swarthmore College. In 2009, Heideck obtained a degree in law from the Temple University. He served as an associate at Conrad O’Brien from January 2010 to August 2010. Heideck joined Pepper Hamilton LLP in 2010 and worked as a project attorney for close to four years.

Throughout his tenure in this firm, his role was to review documents and prepare for trial, conduct government investigation, and handle cases of major construction & bankruptcy restructuring. Since 2015, Heideck has been working as a contract attorney in Delaware. He is in charge of reviewing materials for securities fraud with emphasis on banking litigation. He also plays a key role in matters involving risk management, acquisitions, liquidity, and transactions. Heideck regularly offers counsel to various clients on litigation issues.

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