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What Lip Balm Do You Carry With You At All Times?

Lip balm is one of the most important items you will find in any women’s purse. It’s an absolute must. A recent beauty article did a study and found that on average, a woman applies lip balm between 2 and 30 times a day. What we eat and drink, the types of stress we encounter, our current health and hydration status; so many things can account for the drying of lips and the need to reach for that blessed little tube to quench our lips and provide us with a burst of instant relief.

So, which one to choose? Many tried and true staples have held their ground steadily, the Original Chapstick, the occasional roll-on lip gloss, Carmex, and Nivea. These have all proven to help moisture seekers to some degree, although not with total lip satisfaction. But there is one product out there on the market that has really stood out and grabbed women’s attention everywhere. The product I am referring to is Evolution of Smooth. This product has refreshingly new colors and flavors, including Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm, Coconut Milk Visibly Soft Lip Balm, Blackberry Nectar, Honeysuckly Honeydew and many others. And those are just in the round new spherical shaped containers with the easy twist off caps.

Evolution of Smooth also offers straight tube versions of smoothing stick lip balms for those who like the feel of a more traditional tube. Both offer new scents, flavors, tints and colors with unique softening properties that really do last longer than others on the market. These beauty must haves can be found at Target, Walmart,, and other fine cosmetic counters. And to sweeten the deal even more, check out the eos website, where you can also buy multi-packs of lip balm, hand lotion, and their wonderful Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. All in beautiful packaging, you can collect your favorite items while giving back for a charitable cause!

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