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All The Hype About The Zika Virus In Brazil

Sergio Cortes is the secretary of health in the country of Brazil. He has his own website called Information about Cortez can be found on LinkedIn , Facebook, and Twitter. Sergio Cortes has placed valuable information about the Zika virus on his webpage and many individuals have found this information to be helpful. The Zika virus is a virus that started in the 1940s and it was found in countries such as Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Tanzania. With time the virus spread throughout Asia and recently the virus has began to circulate in Latin America as well. Brazil was one of the first countries that had an outbreak of the Zika virus in April 2015 and many health experts in the country like Sergio Cortes are concerned with the ramifications of the disease.
The Zika virus is not a disease that is contagious and it cannot be transmitted from person to person. The only way that an individual can get the disease is if they are bit by a mosquito that is carrying the disease. Once a person does get infected with the Zika disease, they will have certain symptoms such as fever, muscle aches and rash. There have been many studies done that have shown that Zika can be closely related to microcephaly. Microcephaly is a symptom of a serious autoimmune and neurological disease called Guillian-barre syndrome. The World Health Organization is doing more research into the Zika virus because outbreaks can cause this serious disease.

Many individuals are worried about how to prevent the Zika disease and pregnant women in particular do well to find out how they can avoid Zika. There are special measures that can be taken in order to protect against insect bites. First it is important to try to use clothes that cover most of the body. Using bug repellent is also a good way to keep mosquitoes at bay along with the use of protective screens on windows and doors. It is also important to use mosquito nets when sleeping.

There is generally no treatment for the symptoms of Zika, but under medical supervision people who have been diagnosed with the disease can take anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers. It is important for these individuals not to take any medications that contain aspirin or any substances that are associated with aspirin because these have an anticoagulant effect.