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Rocketship Education Lessons

More than one decade ago, a public school was introduced into the American educational system. The school is known as Rocketship, and it has managed to take the industry by a storm. The institution is headquartered in San Jose California, and it has impressed many stakeholders in the educational system. Although the school says that it is still a work in progress, it is evident that it has managed to teach the industry several lessons. The institution has all the qualities needed to better the lives of the students and at the end of the day offer a very bright future. Here are some of the lessons the world should learn from the public school.

  1. Personalized learning must start from home

When the institution was founded ten years ago, it managed to grab headlines in all news rooms as the pioneer when it comes to personalized learning. More than ten years later, the company has not changed its foundation. The school is one of the staunch supporters in the integration of the modern technology in the learning process of all the students from the elementary level. The institution believes that this is the only way of understanding the unique needs of the students at an early stage so that they can have the best foundation for their career lives.

2.More demand must be created so that the system can be changed.

Since its introduction into the American educational system, Rocketship has chosen to focus only on the elementary education. The institution has been getting a lot of pressure from funders, teachers and partners so that they can start the K-12 system. The process is very tempting, and it is very challenging to watch as the young children leave the school at the fifth grade so that they can look for education in other schools. Most teachers are always worried what the young children’s future will turn out to be, but his has not made them change their basics. The institution is focusing on creating more demand for its educational process.

3.The power of parents should be honored.

The successful school has been in the frontline when it comes to the development of the parents’ leadership program that helps all the families to have some power when it comes to exercising their political attention. This way, they are able to make their leaders more accountable and at the end of the day assist the educational system to thrive.