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Nicki Defies Human Rights Activists Letter While Gilbert Roberts Continues Mission Offensive on WNBA Players

Nicki Minaj is all after the dollar and not even cries from the most influential human rights movement in the UK could make her cancel her Angolan Scheduled end-year performance. In an open letter to Nicki, the Human Rights Foundation movement founded by a celebrated filmmaker, Thor Halvorssen, warned Nicki against receiving any proceeds from the Unitel Communications sponsored concert. Nicki could, however, hear a thing of it and even went ahead to post pictures of her crew’s touchdown in the country.
In the letter, HRF informed Nicki that the payment she would be receiving is as a result of corruption and violation of human rights by the Angolan president’s family that controls the communications company. Nicki, however, proceeded with her performance after hand-picking the cast that will feature in her upcoming comedy series ‘Freeform’ that will debut on the ABC family early 2016. In the series, her childhood role will be starred by Ariana Neal with model SelitaEbanks acting as Grace, Nicki’s Mom.
Nicki’s defiance of human rights foundation warnings and her upcoming series aren’t the only news causing a storm over the internet. Former WNBA player Gilbert Arenas is at it again, lashing out at the WNBA players with his Instagram sexist videos and comments. His commentaries and arrogance have attracted a lot of criticism and bashing from both the WNBA players and their spokesman. Both parties have termed his comments as repugnant, disrespectful, and a cheap way of gaining relevance.
About Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen, the president of the Human Rights Foundation, founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, and Patron of a children’s Peace movement in Prague is a Political Science and History graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. He turned to active human rights advocacy in 1989. Halvorssen started out by leading anti-apartheid protests in London opposing the then racist South African rule.
Thor understands the scars of human rights violation given that his diplomat father was once in 1993 falsely arrested and tortured in a Venezuelan prison. Through these movements which he is a founder or member, he continually exposes human rights violations across the world. His opinions and views have appeared on various, media forums with world viewership including the Economist and Forbes as well as gaining covered by Al Jazeera, CNN, and the BBC.