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Fabletics: Taking Advantage of Marketing Trends

As technology offers more uses, consumers live increasingly digital lives. That includes shopping for necessities and pretty much anything else they want. These days, people can even grocery shop online and have their groceries delivered to them. This raises the question: how can they trust these companies to uphold their end of the deal.

The truth: they don’t. Research has shown that most people don’t trust traditional marketing and advertising. What they do trust are online reviews from their fellow consumers. As companies developed more online presence, people began researching them before making any kind of purchase decision.

Now, nearly 90 percent of people crowdsource their purchase decisions. It’s not only easier to find exactly what they need; it’s the most effective. Before, companies didn’t have to listen to their customers. In fact, some still don’t listen to their customers. Sadly, those are the companies that hold too much power over daily necessities, so there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them.

For most companies, a bad online reputation is the most destructive thing that could happen. One study showed that 60 percent of customers won’t use a business if it has a bad reputation. Online reviews force companies to be more transparent and customer focused.

These are not problems for companies like Fabletics. Fabletics launched in 2013 and has found success in numerous ways. It’s not all about profit for Fabletics, in particular, for co-founder Kate Hudson. She’s the passion and energy behind the brand while TechStyle Fashion Group, Fabletics’ parent company, is the profiting juggernaut.

Since online presence and reputation are so important, it’s wonderful to have someone like Kate Hudson be a part of the brand. Because of her passion and energy, Fabletics has more than 20 million social media followers.

As for the business end of the brand, she plays a regular role there as well. She’s not just the pretty face selling cheap products for a multimillion-dollar brand. She spends most of her time working with the design team to ensure that every woman can find something she’d love.

It’s not only important to have on-trend fashion for every woman; it’s also important to sell those lines at affordable prices. Particularly when it comes to plus-size women, activewear isn’t the most affordable thing.

Fabletics and the power of the crowd

Fabletics, an American subscription retailer, operating online was founded around July 2013 by Kate Hudson, Ressler, and A. Goldenberg and later launched officially in October 2013. It has then advanced into retailing men’s activewear, dresses, and even swimsuits.


Kate Hudsons sees retailing athleisure Fabletics a winning exercise and a where she manages to move from an “almost famous” condition to the current achievements in Fablectics retail. The launch of Fablectics was much celebrated with known celebs and superstars attending its launch. They argued that the clothes are cute and their stand to empower women regardless of their age, shape and sizes worth is celebrating.


Fabletics succeeded well because of their commitment to the quality of service they offer to customers. This made them see a great growth in retail as other businesses were getting out of retail. Fabletics offer free membership which is another reason of their great success. Members have been entitled an email every beginning of the month which summarizes the new looks and the members are given up to 5th of the month to make their decisions whether they will buy or skip. This is usually based on a survey done by members while doing registration where they give their work out and lifestyle preferences. Members who decide to skip the looks provided in the email are charged a small fee which is turned into store credit with no expiry.


Leveraging the Power of the Crowd is Fabletics’ success foundation. Reviews done by customers are today depending more on reviews from other customers and close friends

who have previously used product. The truth the customer arrives with at a store is mainly based on what crowd-sourced reviews have about the quality of the product and efficiency of the services offered by the vendor.


Trusting customer reviews is today a way of rapidly sourcing growth. If customers are doing positive reviews, there is an expected increase in acquisition of the products, improved loyalty, and guaranteed customer retention since they will always remember that good product they acquired from the company.

Recent studies have found most customers changed from trusting traditional marketing and advertising to trusting personal recommendations from people they know and reviews available in most online retailing companies in the reviews section. The feedback and opinions of the crowd have therefore taken the trust, safety, and power of business and customers. Leveraging this is, therefore, a proper way to remain outstanding.


It is important to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz which is simple. The quiz helps the stylists in Fabletics to analyze and know the workouts that best suit a person. Taking the quiz captures all the types of pieces a person loves wearing which is later used to select the outfit collections to be mailed to a member after a personalized match. The member’s needs are well catered for by the outfits mailed to them, and the only thing that remains is the decision to take or skip the recommended outfits. The quiz is therefore aimed at finding out the best Fabletics for the member.

Customers Are Satisfied With The Durability of Fabletics Clothing

There are a lot of reasons that people have many different mentalities towards fashion. Even people who take an interest in fashion often find themselves in a new exciting and yet frustrating world. They get to learn about the many different anxieties and frustrations that come with being more selective with the clothes they buy. For one thing, a lot of clothes they buy are going to tear easily. This is especially the case with clothes for women. They are often made of different material that makes it thin. Therefore, they have to be careful when they wash the item and otherwise wear it.


Fortunately, there are brands that are working very hard to make sure that the items they create are more durable. After all, when people buy stylish items, they buy it with the hopes of being able to wear it for a while. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much money one spends on the clothes, they are still vulnerable to having their clothes quickly fall apart on them. However, this is one of the side effects of businesses that try to stay with the trends. Fortunately, people may find what they are looking for with Fabletics.


One thing about Fabletics is that they make sure that the clothes are created in a good environment with high quality materials. This is one of the aspects of Fabletics that set it apart from other brands. After all, many brands have the dilemma of bringing forth a lot of items at a price that is affordable so that they can gain and keep the majority of the customers they get. However, these items tend to be made of low quality items and in inhumane circumstances. Fabletics on the other hand has other ways to save money for customers in ethical ways.


Fabletics has people sign up for a membership. With the membership, they get tons of savings which include a free outfit for their membership. Fortunately, the free outfit is chosen based on their preferences. This is one of the reasons that the customers of Fabletics are very loyal to the brand.

Fabletics: The Best Fitness Brand

Fabletics is an activewear company that was started in 2013 by Kate Hudson and the founders of JustFab. The company has received fabulous reviews from the users of Trust Pilot. One user of the site said that the clothes were fantastic and that they were of high quality. Another user mentioned that the leggings that she received were fitting and she loved them very much. Most reviews on the site pointed out how the designs from Fabletics were different and extensive for one to choose. They noted that this was different from other stores that were repetitive and had the usual clothes.


Another ecstatic review came from a member who said that they always look forward to viewing the new products that would be released each month. The review mentions how easy it is to navigate the site and also commends the fact that users can skip a month. The review concludes by stating how comfortable and versatile their clothing is because it can even be worn to work. The Krazy Koupon Lady was one of the first blogs to review the clothing from Fabletics. The clothing from Fabletics rivaled the other top brands. They gave some products including the Lima Capri and the Salar Capri a rating of five stars out of five.


The owner of A Foodie Stays Fit became a member of Fabletics and also gave a review of the products from the company. The quality was excellent for her, and it was higher than she expected considering the price that she had to pay. She liked the fact that the leggings were thick and she had no see-through issues. The leggings were styled well and retained their compression over time. The tops were soft and high grade for her. She was impressed by the variety of styles that Fabletics had to offer. There were products with solid colors and others that were fun and had stylish designs. She noted that the extensive variety meant that there was something for everyone.


She felt that the value was affordable and fitting for the quality and caliber of products that one got. She pointed out that the same products probably sold for a higher price at other brands. Fabletics gives you the same quality of clothing at a lower price. She finalized by recommending Fabletics to her readers because of the prices and the opt-out option if you do not want to get the clothes during a certain month.

How Is Fabletics Using Amazon’s Selling Techniques?

Fabletics and Amazon are quite similar in their approach to sales. They both use a technique known as reverse-showrooming that offers product previews to customers before the items are found in a brick-and-mortar store, and the tactic is catching on around the world. There are several different ways that Fabletics will benefit from such a program, and this article explains how the company will expand its business using a time-tested sales method.


#1: How Is The Showroom Reversed?


Amazon did not start with physical stores to carry its merchandise, and every product is seen in pictures on a website. The company built its business by selling online for less, and they are moving into the physical store market as Fabletics wishes to. Fabletics sells clothing to women online, and they will soon have 100 stores open in America for customers. Every current customer knows the brand from pictures online, and they are coming to the store to see more.


#2: How Will Fabletics Capitalize?


The Fabletics brand will improve its sales using their stores, and each new store allows women to try their clothes on after taking a look. They do not try on clothes online, and they have come to the store knowing they enjoy and appreciate the Fabletics brand. Women who are most interested in the brand are more likely to visit the store because they know what they are getting into.


#3: What About New Customers?


New customers of the brand turn up in the store knowing their friends love Fabletics. Their friends wear slimming and fitted clothing from Fabletics they rave about, and they turn up in the stores looking for the same experience their friends get. Each woman who wishes to have a similar experience in the store will find what she needs when perusing or trying on in the store. The store becomes the place where she falls in love with Fabletics, and she knew about it long before she visited the store.


#4: What Is Fabletics All About?


Fabletics creates fitted clothing for women to use for casual purposes. A trip to the gym or around town is quite simple when women are wearing Fabletics clothing, and each new piece is designed to help women feel beautiful in a new setting. They may wear light clothing for the gym, or they may bundle up in something made for winter sports. The catalog includes alluring swimwear, and there is a section for athletic swimsuits. The company wants women comfortable, organized and less stressed, and they achieve this with beautiful clothes that fit.


The Fabletics brand stands for passion and innovation. Kate Hudson stars in her own commercials for the brand, helps design the clothes and wears the clothes herself in public. She has built a brand that will use the finest of sales techniques, and they will continue with reverse-showrooming to combat companies like Amazon. Teaching women of the clothes before they come to a new store ensures brand loyalty for every woman who wishes to be comfortable.

Doe Deere Defines Her Style

Doe Deere is one woman that clearly has her own way of expressing herself. Her unique style also paved the way for a makeup line that attracts millions. The name of her cosmetic line is Lime Crime. The makeup colors are whimsical and very vibrant. Thus, allowing the user to create their own style that is very original. Doe Deere believes in breaking the rules that some women follow religiously. She believes that you have to break the rules to find your own true style. In a recent interview, the CEO of Lime Crime defined her very unique style.

Doe Deere’s Style
Doe Deere’s style starts with breaking a few traditional makeup and beauty rules. The fact is that people are individuals first. It is boring to follow everyone else. Find your own style and real path. It begins with defying traditional rules that state that you should never wear bold colors together. There is no fun in wearing boring drab colors. Deere also firmly believes that mixing patterns are fun too. Now, put this look together. Crazy patterns in the same color family along with bold colors. This is a look that is fun and fabulous. Clearly, Doe Deere’s style catches your eye. The fabulous colors and unique style helped to define a very exciting line of beauty products.

Doe Deere
A lot of people might wonder about the Lime Crime founder. Well, Doe Deere started small and achieved amazing success by staying true to herself. The fact is that she started out small, but with big dreams of achieving world-wide success with her makeup line. She has clearly reached that goal.

Doe Deere is a very successful woman entrepreneur. Achieving success on your own terms is difficult, but achievable. Today, Doe Deere enjoys sharing her success story with other women entrepreneurs that are eager to start their own business. The Lime Crime CEO frequently speaks on the subject at major events across the country. Doe Deere believes that young entrepreneurs should find a mentor. Perhaps, a brilliant business-person. Read everything that you can about that person. This will prepare you for success.

Lime Crime’s Rock and Roll Style

These days, it isn’t enough just to wear makeup that combines powder and concealer. Sure, there are plenty of makeup brands out there that offer primer, foundation, powder and concealer but isn’t there something more we could be asking for in our makeup?

The answer is yes.

How about colors that truly rock a woman’s beauty and take her from good looking to knockout stunning? How about glitter pots that give her an iridescence that positively glows? How about lip colors that go on smooth and stay on with a bolt of color that stays on for the long term? How about Venus inspired grunge shadows that shade and smooth to give her an extra dose of urban glamour? More than anything, how about the look of Lime Crime makeup?

Lime Crime is a new makeup line on tumblr that is shaking up the cosmetics world with its brilliant colors and brilliant concepts that combine a rock and roll edge with the kind of quality cosmetics women today demand.

Lime Crime is the inspired brainchild of Doe Deere, a Russian emigre turned Internet entrepreneur who launched the line back in 2007/2008. Deere’s mission with Lime Crime has been to introduce a more boldly creative feel into the cosmetics world, with colors that can’t be found in any other makeup line, and a vibe that make a true statement about the power of beauty.

Lip Colors That Rock

One of the most popular products in the Lime Crime product line is the one of a kind Velvetines lip color. These gorgeous lip colors are the first ever “liquid to matte” lipstick products, and they were developed over months in a laboratory by Deere herself and a dedicated chemist. These full color lipsticks go on silky smooth and then dry to a full color matte texture that’s attention getting and very kissable. These lip colors are also certified cruelty free, and they come in a wide range of gorgeous pinks, reds, purples and even a mushroom beige.

For women who want a bit more wildness in their lip colors, Lime Crime also has the fanciful and fun Unicorn lipsticks. These lipsticks go on smooth and a little more wet, but the texture is still full and matte. These lip colors are boldly beautiful, and range from amazing pinks, purples, and reds, all the way into glitter rock hues of green, yellow, orange and blue.

Women who want to really rock their Lime Crime look can add on a dusting of Zodiac Glitter. These glitter pots have beautifully iridescent glitter that goes on with Glitter Helper adhesive, for a shimmering look that’s truly stunning. After she’s glittered up, she can add some light and shadow with the Lime Crime Venus Grunge Palette shadow kit, for a look that’s arty, edgy and gorgeous as can be.

When it’s time to really rock that look, women should choose the bold, wild colors of Lime Crime cosmetics.