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Twenty Three Layers Takes the Work Out of Your Next Party

According to a recent article in Cool Mom Picks, there are many ways to make party giving easier than ever before. They recommend that you start by getting a co-host to help you share the duties and also the cost. Gone are the days when invitations had to be mailed so use a cool app and send out beautiful invitations digitally. Also, gone are the days of the DJ. Instead, create playlists and play them at appropriate times throughout the party or just listen to your favorite Internet music streaming service.

Cool Mom Picks also recommends that you offer guests food from a buffet or a food bar. They warn, however, that with so many food allergies, it is important to have everything plainly labeled. Cleaning up after a party can wait. Instead, relax and spend time with your friends.
As a parent, they also say that many times, children can be a big help when planning an event. Let them help you make decorations, set tables and other time consuming tasks. If they are invited to the actual party, then make sure that you plan plenty to keep their inquisitive minds busy. Then, after the party, let them help clean up as a way to teach responsibility. For most people with busy schedules, this still sounds like lots of things that have to get accomplished.

If all this still sounds like a lot of work, then consider hiring Twenty Three Layers, a group of event planners in NYC. They can assist you each step of the way from recommending beautiful venues for holding your party to recommending the best caterers in New York City. They will even help you send out the invitations and create the perfect decor. Perhaps, most importantly, they will clean up after the event. Then, you really can enjoy spending time with your friends.

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