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Understanding The Benefits Of The Shared Office Space


The coworking space is a growing trend in many major cities where the working life many people have switched away from the traditional office space. Instead, many workers who require office space are looking to work for themselves in roles that used to require a large amount of office space, which would traditionally require working from home or renting space in a traditional office. Coworking space may not be a new idea, but the Harvard Business Review reveals this growing trend for office workers is providing a new sense of identity and community among those who choose their own working hours, but wish to work around others and develop their own identity.

Workville offers for rent in New York to include a luxury version of both shared and individual work spaces that encourage free thinking and the exchange of ideas. Workville NYC has embraced the idea that a free flow of ideas can be encouraged by making their coworking spaces a luxurious option that includes a range of cafes, terraces and communal spaces for workers to mingle. At times when deadlines are getting tight more individual spaces are also available to make those working freelance or startups as happy as possible with their New York office space.

There are many reasons why the use of coworking spaces has become such an ongoing trend, including the need for a freelance or self employed worker to feel part of a wider community. In many ways, the use of a coworking space makes it simpler than ever to enjoy being in a busy, but non threatening office environment, which is created by the fact people working in different fields are working in the same shared space. Instead of fostering rivalry the use of a shared space can make it easier than ever to make friends and get ideas from people working in different industries.

Along with the need for community and a much more enjoyable working life the need for access to a shared office space is all important, which is why the majority of these buildings are created to be open 24 hours a day and seven days per week.

The Success Story of Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a prominent private investment company that specializes in growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. Previously called JP Morgan Partners, the firm branched from JPMorgan Chase back on July 31, 2006. CCMP has channeled over $12 billion in various sectors such as healthcare, energy, industry, and retail since inception. The firm headquartered in New York City is one of the largest private firms in the world. It is managed by a skilled team of professionals operating from several offices located in Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo.

Brief history

Over the last two decades, CCMP Capital has been known by different names. The parent company was known as Chemical ventures and was established in 1984 to serve as a branch of Chemical Bank. In 1996, Chemical Partner purchased Chase Manhattan Bank, which forced Chemical Venture Partner to become Chase Capital Partners. Afterward, the group had to adopt the name JP Morgan Partners after J.P. Morgan & Co acquired it. During this period, the company was establishing an investment platform by opening subsidiary firms. In March 2005, JP Morgan Partners announced its intention to separate from JP Morgan Chase, but official spinout took place on July 31, 2006. The newly formed firm embraced the name CCMP, an acronym referring to the parent companies.

CCMP Capital operational strategy

CCMP Capital integrates with prominent financial institutions and high net worth investors as a strategy of attracting wealthy clients. The firm partners with established financial institutions based in the United States since 2000. CCMP Capital opted to separate from JP Morgan Chase so that it can stand independently and seek funds without necessarily relying on the name of an established firm. CCMP has managed to establish itself as a brand due to its ability to offer quality services that addresses the needs of its clients spread across the globe. CCMP Capital proved it was a force to reckon in the investment arena by establishing a successful fund, Investor II, with a limited capital of $3.4 billion.

Crucial details on Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was a popular investor, established entrepreneur, and an active philanthropist. The name Steve Murray must be mentioned every time the history and success journey of CCMP Capital is reviewed. Immediately after graduating from Boston College with a degree in economics in 1984, Hanover Manufacturers Corporation employed him as a credit analyst. He started to hold executive and supervisory roles following the merging of Hanover Corporation with JP Morgan Partners. Steve Murray remained loyal to CCMP Capital during the entire process of merging and acquisition, holding junior roles and rose through ranks to becoming the CEO and President of the firm. He participated actively in humanitarian activities and supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Due to his extensive industrial knowledge, he served as a consultant to several established university as well as prominent organizations. He passed away at 52, according to news from