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Whitney Wolfe Keeps Bumble And Refuse To Cash Out As Tinder Battle Heats Up

Bumble and Tinder are still in a long time battle that has become an even hotter topic. Now there are lawsuits from Bumble towards Tinder and lawsuits from Tinder towards Bumble. This seems to be a back-and-forth game where Whitney Wolfe is on the up-rise and Tinder and the parent company match are flustered. There was a time where Whitney Wolfe was offered more than 400 million by the Match Group to sell Bumble. This was not what she wanted to do, and she has voiced this. Every since that time the tension has been very high between Tinder and Bumble. It appears that these two companies have managed to become the top two contenders when it comes to dating apps, and all eyes are on these giants of the dating app industry.

The biggest reason that the stakes are high for Tinder has a lot to do with all of the money that is now been lost to Whitney Wolfe and Bumble. It appears that Wolfe had much more in the plans when she decided to create a dating app that would allow people to socialize. This Whitney Wolfe was different from the Whitney Wolfe that helped start up Tinder. The new and improved Wolfe that is actually Whitney Wolfe Herd now, by way of recent marriage is much more when it comes to social media.

The fact that she recognizes the bigger picture is something that cannot be overlooked. This plays a crucial part into just how well she positions herself on the next several years. It is true that social media part of her app was not always the thing that people expected, but now it has become the topic of conversation for different circles.

No longer can people talk about Bumble and only mention dating. Whitney Wolfe has gone so many steps above this to make Bumble more social media friendly. This is what she wanted. This is what she needed her users to see. She wanted them to know that even once they found special someone that there was still be a need to utilize Bumble for other things. This has become the main reason why Tinder is in such a furious state. As a businesswoman, Whitney Wolfe is capitalizing on multiple markets, and the Match Group made the offer to buy Tinder largely because the match group was in fear that Whitney Wolfe was starting something of a monopoly.

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Things Just Keep Getting Better for Prolific Dating App Skout

There is certainly no doubt about it, people have a tendency to spend a lot of time on various dating apps these days. If there was ever any doubt about their popularity, one only has to look at the sheer number of dating apps and accompanying websites that exist. They seem to be all over the place. After all, this is the main way that most people meet someone in today’s world. Long gone are the days going on blind dates or meeting someone through a friend or at work.

What you stop to consider the busy schedules of everyone these days it is easy to understand why dating apps are so popular as a means of meeting someone new. As a matter of fact, they have become this popular because they easily fit into everyone’s schedule instead of forcing people to fit dating into an already jam packed schedule that scarcely allows people the time to turn around. Clearly, one of the most popular dating apps is Skout.

There are a lot of things that make Skout as popular as it is. Of course, the main thing that makes it such a popular dating app is the fact that it is versatile enough to be used by any individual whether they are serious about dating or not. It works just as well for casual relationships as it does for finding someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. This sets it apart and it makes it more popular than any other app .

In fact, it looks like the app is primed to have the best quarter it has ever had during the first part of 2016, more specifically around Valentine’s Day. This is a time when people automatically start to think about having a relationship with someone special or just getting together with someone for the day and it is easy to turn to a place like Skout in order to accomplish that goal.

While dating apps in general have increased in popularity a great deal over the years, this is a particular app that has always managed to be just different enough to get everyone’s attention. Many people love the app simply because it is so easy to use and just as many love it because they can use it for whatever their needs are without having to worry about some of the expectations or pressures that come with using other dating apps. Perhaps these are the reasons that Skout is so popular today. Without a doubt, developers figured out long ago what clicked with consumers and they have stuck to that business model for the entire time that the app has been in use.

The truth is, it looks like this is an app that has no intentions of slowing down. There is every reason to believe that it will continue to be among the most popular dating apps that have ever been developed and that numerous people will be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer. For that reason alone, it is worth taking a second look at.

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A Few Facts About Skout That You Did Not Know

Skout is an Android and iOS app that can be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store. The app is not very new, and it is designed to allow users meet new people and exchange pictures. The app gives users two ways to sign up; using Facebook or using their email address. Soon after signing up, a user is required to populate their profile using basic information like whether they are interested in men or women. This plays a very big role in displaying the other kind of people that the user might be interested in.

The app has a main screen that simply shows a grid view of the people online at the time. When a user taps on the image presented, he is provided with a profile that displays their last few posts, their basic information as well as the points they have earned. From that point, it is easy to start communicating with them by winking at them and chatting. When they appear online, one is also alerted, and it is possible to leave likes or comments from their last comments using the phone.

When a user opens a drawer on the left of the app, some alternative means to browse the network are revealed. The ‘Buzz’ shows a special feed of other local people whereas the ‘Look at Me’ is a bidding game that allows other bidders to bid their accrued points hoping that they can attain a feature spot and end up with getting better visibility. However, the most interesting feature is the ‘Shake To Chat’ that starts a conversation with a random stranger provided he/she is online when the phone is shaken. The feature reveals both profiles after forty seconds when the chat happens.

On Skout system on techcrunch, many activities require points so as to be performed. The best thing with them is the fact that they can be purchased using cash or using other means like engaging with advertising partners and showing people the importance to take some added features. When it comes to spending the points earned, they can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from who viewed the profile as well as sending other users gifts. Other very notable features include the wink bomb facility that allows users to send a large number of winks to a specific user with an aim to get some attention.

Skout has been rated as a very competent social networking app, and it has played a very big role in bringing people from different walks of life and from different corners of the earth together. Currently, the app is rated at position 381 when numbers related to free apps are concerned and position 319 in top grossing apps. Skout has and will continue being a very effective platform to connect people from all over the world in an intriguing and phenomenal manner. The best thing with it is the fact that it is free, and it only requires a phone with an internet connection.