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Hunger in Venezuela Not A Light Thing

Venezuela’s Hunger A Very Serious Matter
History remembers former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez as one who promised to distribute wealth to all citizens, not just the poor ones in his country, forgetting they had to be produced first.

Chavez’s goal was noble and had some success, but Chavez has passed on and now Nicolas Maduro runs the country, but Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa says the president is having a hard time to say the least. Under his rule, the country has suffered massive food shortages, power outages that are rampant and an increasingly weak economy. It is still possible to avert a complete disaster, but this would require changing economic policies in a very sharp manner.

The economy has been heavily reliant on its oil industry and uses that money to pay for its imports according to However, oil prices have dropped by billions of dollars in Venezuela in the last year, meaning it couldn’t afford to pay for more imports and domestic production. Even worse, food shortages are becoming a bigger problem because of a lack of imports.

Farming is a decently-sized industry, but during Chavez’s reign most of the productive ones were seized and current farms now can’t grow crops because the seeds that are imports are in low quantity. Eggs and dairy are almost non-existent and many food trucks dispersing food end up getting hijacked en route to their locations. Even tuna canneries had to close due to high costs.