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Eric Lefkofsky: Businessman and Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Not only has he co-founded a series of very successful companies, he also gladly shares his time and resources with less fortunate people the world over. Many people associate the name Eric Lefkofsky the collective action and Tempus, the technology company that helps physicians to personalize the cancer treatments they provide for their patients. The Michigan native has created numerous other companies. He started his first one, selling carpeting on campus, while he was an undergraduate at the University of Michigan.

He has now gone from being the guy selling carpet on campus to the visionary, internationally known businessman with the Midas touch. In addition to the success has enjoyed with Groupon and Tempus, he also started Starbelly, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, MediaBank, Lightbank and Uptake. Most of those companies have done exceptionally well and are now publicly traded. For many people Eric Lefkofsky’s most important company is the collective action website Millions of people all over the country use it to save themselves money. However, many others see the role that his company Tempus has played in improving life of cancer patients worldwide as being more meaningful.

But Eric Lefkofsky is having an impact in a number of other ways. He and his wife Elizabeth have started a charitable trust called the Lefkofsky Foundation. Through that organization they have been able to provide support for educational, scientific and charitable organizations that help children worldwide. In 2013, Eric and Elizabeth Lefkofsky joined The Giving Pledge. That means they promise to give all their wealth to philanthropic causes at or before their death. Lefkofsky also gives generously of his time to a wide array of social and business organizations in Chicago.

Lefkofsky is on Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital’s board of directors. He’s also on The Art Institute of Chicago’s board as well as that of The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago. He’s also a Steppenwolf Theatre Company trustee. Plus he teaches at several Chicago area business schools. Lefkofsky taught Applied Technology at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. At Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management he taught disruptive business models. And Eric Lefkofsky’s currently teaching building technology-based businesses and entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Recently Lefkofsky’s had his book Accelerated Disruption published by Easton Studio Press. The book looks at how technology affects business and resume his.

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Securus Technologies Reports on GTL

Securus Technologies, a provider of criminal and civil justice technology for public safety, has announced a release of many reports that will involve wrong doing and breaches by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link. The CEO of Securus Technologies expressed his disappointment over GTL’s lack of integrity. Securus will review multiple issues of systematic wrong doing. Press releases will be issued over a period of six months in an effort to shame GTL into acting with better integrity. Story published on PR Newswire‘s website.

The first release covers a 17 page order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission dealing with GTL’s conduct and practices when they provided outbound telecom service to thousands of inmates of the Louisiana Department of Corrections.
These are the findings that resulted from the Louisiana PSC investigation. Global Tel Link was found to have added 15 to 36 seconds to the duration of each call. The company also programmed their telephones to rate calls at a higher level that the standard rate caps allowed under the law. GTL is accused of inflating charges by adding money to its call charges. This was done just to overcharge. The report states that GTL overcharged customers by 1,243,000 dollars.
The finding by PSC were dated January 21, 1998. Securus America Technologies takes the position that wrong doing by GTL has continued in some capacity since the time period of the report. The full Louisiana Public Service Report commission report is posted on the Securus website.

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