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Coworking Spaces are Creating Employees who are Thriving

More and more small businesses are establishing their place of work in shared work communities. Coworking spaces are especially popular in larger cities such as NYC and Chicago, and the surprising fact is that these workers are thriving. Shared environments report ratings as high as 6 in 7 point surveys with employees in an average work setting, the common office, scoring lower in satisfaction.

Interestingly enough, thriving in the co-working situation came as a surprise to researchers. Ever since this characteristic was discovered, researchers have been studying the reasons why. They found three significant explanations as to why employees in co-working environments are thriving.

1. Employees have more control in their jobs.
2, People who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful, which creates satisfaction.
3. Workers feel a part of the community instead of sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours.

WorkVille NYC

At 1412 Broadway in Midtown West NYC, you’ll find ab ideal shared office space NYC. WorkVille has the entire 21st floor of a luxury building and offers an incredible package of amenities that any small office would desire.

How does fresh coffee prepared for you every morning sound? They have a 24-hour access for those nights you just can’t quit and each “office” comes with high-speed Internet, phones, mail service, printers and your choice of three terraces to have a private conversation or just get a breath of fresh air.

Another drawing factor is the level of communication that is available between the employees of the various businesses. Coworkers are likely to pick up a conversation in the cafe or outside on the terrace, which draws them into the community. On the other hand, when individuals are seen in other parts of the building, their privacy is respected.

WorkVille NYC is a premier coworking space that offers an amazing, luxury environment for reasonable rates. WorkVille is so reasonable, in fact. that you can “bid” for your space, and barter for the lowest monthly price. Does this sound like an improvement over struggling monthly to pay the rent, utilities, and all the extras needed to get your business started? WorkVille has discovered the secret and it has become a growing coworking community in NYC.